February 27, 2021

The reform sector calls for an agenda for a complete return to activity

The National Association of Ceramics and Construction Materials Distributors (Andimac) has asked the Government “for more transparency on the progression” in the de-escalation phases so that the reform and rehabilitation companies can elaborate their business plans “to survive”.

The ministerial order allows this Monday, within Phase 0, the reform works only in houses without neighbors or empty premises.

The employers estimate that in this first stage the reform activity may represent around 30% of the market potential that existed before confinement.

Andimac has insisted on the need to establish a de-escalation schedule for the sector with which they can carry out an “adequate ERTE management policy, correct planning around their operational and liquidity needs, and an optimal commercial policy ”

The data provided by Andimac in a note indicate that the reform companies represent more than 40% of construction and employ some 500,000 people.

He also criticizes that the order for retail trade in Phase 0, which allows opening in premises with a surface area not exceeding 400 square meters, “does not meet the needs” of specialized stores such as ceramics, bathrooms and kitchens.

He claims that, due to their exhibition needs, these stores are “significantly larger”.


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