The reform of the election system of the CGPJ arrives at the Congress

The reform of the election system of the CGPJ arrives at the Congress

The reform of the system of election of the General Council of the Judicial Power (CGPJ) impelled by the PP and Citizens arrives today to the plenary session of the Congress, where it counts on little probabilities of being approved before the opposition of the rest of the groups.

The proposal went ahead in the Senate thanks to the absolute majority of the popular ones after they broke the pact that they had negotiated with the Socialists to renew the current CGPJ, which has been in office since last December 4th.

The PP and Citizens defend that the majority of the members are appointed by the judges and magistrates themselves to "depoliticize" the Council, but the rest of the groups, although they recognize the problems of the current model, prefer to maintain the election system through the Parliament , where popular sovereignty resides.

They also reproach the popular the turn they have made, since they only bet on the reform after the controversial wasap will be revealed by its spokesman in the Senate, Ignacio Cosidó, in which it was suggested that the pact negotiated with the Socialists would influence in the Supreme Court, and after Manuel Marchena resigned to preside over the CGPJ vindicating his independence.

The associations of judges and prosecutors have tried unsuccessfully to convince the parliamentary groups of the change, but the amendments introduced in the Senate with this objective are expected to be rejected today.

Yes the rest of the reform of the Organic Law of the Judiciary, which seeks to limit the current presidentialism of the CGPJ and provide more transparency to the discretionary appointments of senior judicial positions, in addition to recover labor rights cut during the crisis in the justice sector.


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