August 3, 2021

The Referee Committee rewards the efforts of its members – La Provincia

The effort and the desire to overcome already has a name and surname for the arbitral collective of the Las Palmas province. Thursday, a total of 59 people linked to the Las Palmas Technical Committee they received their fair public reward for their dedication and involvement in arbitration; Another group of distinguished, that of those who take their first steps, also had time for recognition.

In a Christmas atmosphere, where the camaraderie and the revelry could not be missed, the arbitration dinner once again proved that the members of this group make up a large family, as the half a thousand diners who gathered at the facilities of El Cortijo Club de Campo, in the municipality of Telde.

But the referees were not alone. They had the support of the maximum federative representatives, with the President of the Interinsular, Antonio Suárez Santana, in front, and of the political leaders. This appointment was attended by General Director of Sports, Manuel López Santana, as well as the mayors of Telde, Héctor Suárez Morales; from Moya, Armando Raúl Afonso Suárez; and The Village, Tomás Pérez Jiménez. He excused his absence, for health reasons, that of Arucas, Juan Jesús Facundo Suárez. On this occasion, the referees of Gran Canaria also had the support of a delegation from the Tenerife Committee, headed by its head of responsibility, Alejandro Morales Mansito.

In addition to trophies, metopes and badges to those members who have obtained the best qualifications in the different evaluation processes to which they have been subjected during the season, also different trophies were given that have been sponsored by the families of people who have made history in the Committee, cases of the former presidents Esteban Hernández Galván or Juan Martín Sosa.

Although in these types of events the most emotional moments are saved for last, in the case of the Las Palmas Committee they were made at the beginning. It was a time when for many there was a lump in the throat and in others the eyes got wet.

Especially striking was the tribute that was paid to collaborator Antonio Medina Sosa, recently deceased. Medina was a person who made discretion his norm of conduct and discretion his work philosophy. This recognition was collected by his sentimental partner from one of the best friends in the Committee, Santiago Morales.

Antonio Medina's partner's son expressed a phrase that clearly defined his personality. "He was not my natural father, but I treated him as such," he said before the respectful silence of the attendees.

Another emotional moment of the evening was starring Vicente Díaz Rodríguez, until a few days ago delegate and trainer of indoor football referees. Díaz Rodríguez made a point and followed in his link with the Committee. After more than twenty years in which the grancanario has arbitrated in the highest national category, at the time of his farewell he had the Nel Nel, with whom he became an arbitration partner during his stay in the First Division.

This dinner also served to recognize the retirement of sports journalist Sergio Sánchez Perdomo, a person who for many years has not only kept record of the most outstanding events of Las Palmas grassroots, but has been a collaborator of the Referees Committee. The gala was presented by him and he was surprised when the Committee recognized his work with a photographic video. The recognition was given by the delegate of Las Palmas, Blas Herrera Jiménez, a person with whom he has worked hand in hand in recent years.


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