The reduction in hours without salary reduction will be done in two years

The reduction in hours without salary reduction will be done in two years

The Secretary of State for Employment, Joaquin Perez Reyexplained this Monday that the reduction in working hours proposed in the Government agreement between PSOE and Sumar will not take effect "immediately" in 2024but it will be done "gradually"giving "space" to social dialogue for negotiation.

"The reduction of working hours is one of the capital aspects of the Government pact between the political forces that support the Executive and what it is about is proceeding with this gradual reduction in two years, until we reach 37 and a half hours", said Pérez Rey during the press conference to present the unemployment and Social Security affiliation data for the month of November.

Therefore, the Secretary of State has clarified that "it is not a question" of this reduction now coming into force immediately in 2024. "We must give space to social dialogue and we must make an orderly transition to this reduction in working hours that also occurs in that combination of two years," he emphasized.

Thus, once the social dialogue has been convened, "a legal provision" will be established that makes it possible to meet this central commitment in the Government's agreement, as stressed by the Secretary of State for Employment.

The agreement between PSOE and Sumar establishes that the maximum legal working day will be reduced to 37.5 hours per week, without salary loss, progressively: it will drop to 38.5 hours per week in 2024 and to 37.5 in 2025.

From then on, a table will be established with social agents to evaluate the results of this measure and continue to advance in the reduction of the legal working day "taking into account the characteristics of the different sectors of activity, the evolution of productivity and the circumstances economic"