January 27, 2021

the red alert continues in Albacete, Cuenca, Guadalajara and Toledo with many impassable roads

The State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) maintains the red warning for snowfalls activated in four of the five provinces of Castilla-La Mancha -Albacete, Cuenca, Guadalajara and Toledo-, where there are several impassable roads due to the heavy snowfalls that have left between 30 and 40 centimeters of snow during the early hours of this Saturday in the regional capital and much of its surroundings.

At 10:00 am this Saturday, up to three roads of the main network in the surroundings of the Toledo capital remain closed to traffic. Specifically, as reported by the General Directorate of Traffic and collected by Europa Press, the CM-40 is closed in the area of ​​Bargas; the CM-42 in Toledo capital; and the city’s ring road, the TO-22, near Mocejón.

In the region, the most important highways of the main network remain at red level and with traffic prohibited for trucks and articulated vehicles. Thus, in Cuenca, there are several points along the A-3, A-31, A-43 and AP-36 affected; in Guadalajara both the A-2 and R-2 are affected at this level; and in the province of Toledo the same happens with the A-4, the A-40, the A-42, the A-5 and the AP-36, as well as the radial 4.

Highway of the Vineyards

On his side, the Minister of Development, Nacho Hernando, has pointed out that on the Autovía de los Viñedos that runs through the provinces of Ciudad Real and Toledo, traffic has reopened after the fall of a cable has cut both roads in the kilometer 32.

The road remains passable and without snow on the road, with a slow lane, from kilometer 52 to 65 and two lanes from kilometer 65 to 127, and nine snowplows are kept working.

The regional government has proposed that there be a guard snow plow on these types of roads to remove, to rescue all the people who “due to some mistake have gotten into the highway is still having been cut”, as well as “important mobilizations for help as far as possible the most affected municipalities “.

Snow buries roads of Guadalajara

For its part, all the highways in the province of Guadalajara are restricted to heavy vehicle traffic due to the risk posed by the accumulation of snow. In addition, in most of the roads of the national network, as well as the regional and provincial, it is mandatory to use chains to circulate, including the A-2.

These restrictions have meant that more than 1,300 heavy vehicles are parked in designated areas in different parts of the province. Some of these areas have a catering service and in cases that are not the case, Geacam staff and volunteers from Civil Protection Groups are participating in the provisioning work, the Board reported in a press release.

Suspension of ASTRA Plan services until Monday

Given this situation, it has been decided to suspend all the bus services of the ASTRA Plan in the province until Monday, to avoid risks on the roads.

There are also some problems in the fixed telephony network in several municipalities in the Molina de Aragón region, in which work is continuing to restore it in the shortest possible time. In any case, the Telecare service has been able to contact all its users in the area.

The Diputación de Guadalajara has decreed the red level on 10 roads in the province, which implies the mandatory use of chains to circulate and the prohibition of doing so for heavy and articulated vehicles.

Thus, the decision affects the GU-102 from Azuqueca and Villanueva de la Torre to the border of the province with Madrid; the GU-203 from the A-2 to Chiloeches; GU-205 – N-320 to Horche-Yebes-Valdarachas and to the intersection of CM2027; GU-206 – Loranca de Tajuña-Pioz; and the GU-905 – A2-Iriépal.

Likewise, it affects the GU-190 – A2- Cañizar-Torre del Burgo-Humanes; GU-193 – El Casar at the provincial border with Madrid; GU-1057 – El Casar-Mesones; and GU 201 and GU-202 – Uceda-El Cubillo de Uceda at the provincial border with Madrid

A score of teams

The operation of 18 snowplow machines and vehicles that the Diputación de Guadalajara has mobilized to deal with the snowstorm continues its activity in the Provincial Road Network, in coordination with the rest of the public administrations.

The Provincial Council’s snowplow vehicles and teams have carried out cleaning tasks on roads in all areas of the province, although the snow that continues to fall continues to cause many serious complications to the movement of vehicles, without any incidents having been recorded so far. noteworthy.


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