September 21, 2020

The rectory team of the ULPGC joins the fight against climate change – La Provincia

The management team of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, headed by the Rector Rafael Robaina, has joined the strike called today Friday 27 to make visible the importance of fighting against climate change. At ten in the morning and for a few minutes they have remained at the door of the institutional headquarters of the ULPGC thus joining one world call.

On July 27, the Government Council of the ULPGC agreed to adhere to the Letter for the Climate Emergency which includes the specific collective commitment to mobilize resources for research and techniques applied and dedicated to climate change, to the objective of being carbon neutral in the year 2030 or 2050 at the latest, and to the creation of environmental education and sustainability programs on campus , both in classrooms and community outreach.

In his speech at the opening ceremony of the course on Thursday, September 26, the Rector Rafael Robaina He noted that "we will add these objectives to our unquestionable commitment to the environment" and explained a series of actions undertaken, among which are:

The installation of electrical consumption sensors for monitoring in all buildings of the ULPGC. This monitoring is done remotely and continuously using a computer application. All the information acquired will be used to optimize the electricity consumption of the ULPGC, as well as for teaching and research purposes since the application is accessible to students and IDPs.

Connection for self-consumption of two photovoltaic plants, with a total of 50 KW, in the Polivalente IV building and on the Taliarte Campus. It is estimated that the new facilities will reduce the CO2 emissions of the ULPGC by 17,000 kg / year. In addition, the plants are connected to the monitoring application to be able to track in real time the production of these two plants, which can also be used for teaching and research purposes.

Awareness campaigns have been initiated to reduce the use of plastic by distributing recyclable bottles to new students at the ULPGC and installing drinking fountains in several buildings. In the coming months it is intended to reach at least 1 source per building. Brief informative and awareness talks about the impact of plastic will be developed in which more reusable bottles will be distributed to attendees.

In addition, there have been several restoration, recovery and reforestation campaigns of the Salvago reserve and in other areas of the island.


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