The recipe of Julen against the Levant «Work, believe and insist»

The recipe of Julen against the Levant «Work, believe and insist»

Lopetegui faces the return to the league with the need to change the course of the last matches, in which he has not managed to score: "We are focused on facing with the same illusion what comes, consolidating what we have done and change what has not gone well. We have confidence in all the players and there are several peaks throughout the season, but Let's get strong at the end. I am delighted with my players and we are going to make great matches and good season. "

The coach does not change the tone even though his situation is still complicated: "I'm fine, undoubtedly, the requirement is maximum in Real Madrid, but we can reach all levels this season. We have to work, believe and insist ", he assured this morning as a recipe to recover self-esteem and, above all, goals. He has been asked if he is affected by the rumors of potential coaches that sound to replace him. "Absolutely calm I am," he has answered firmly.

Madrid receives Levante, the team that has the most shots in the league and the third with the most goals. It is the perfect occasion to forget the scoring drought: "We have to focus on our capabilities and strengths and trust in us", continued Julen, who insisted that it is not pending "of what can be said". "We talk about the Levante game," he says. Madrid arrives with only the loss of Carvajal. "We have not had injuries in the break and we arrived with more elements than we left. Some players have accelerated the recovery process. " Bale also: "We are optimistic with him. He was a responsible footballer and he has not played in his national team, we'll see what we do ", he answered when asked about the Welshman, without advancing a clue of the lineup tomorrow.

It remains to be seen if Madrid will be the dominating and flat team or will the style change somewhat. "The plans that one has at the beginning are nuanced according to the rival, the circumstances and the decision making, but we still have a game plan and we must insist on the things we do well and improve on what we can. There is still a lot to play and nothing has been decided this season ". In addition, he has been asked about the statements of Kroos saying that it is not Casemiro. "That's obvious," Julen said.


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