The rebels of Yemen begin to retreat from the port of Al Hudeida

The rebels of Yemen begin to retreat from the port of Al Hudeida

The Houthi rebels of Yemen today began to withdraw their forces from the port of Al Hudeida, in compliance with the ceasefire agreement negotiated between both parties, announced the spokesman of the rebel movement, Lieutenant General Yehia Saria.

The withdrawal of the troops took place in the presence of the retired Dutch general Patrick Cammaert, president of the Coordination Committee of Relocation (CCR), a body led by the UN to supervise compliance with the ceasefire.

"In accordance with the provisions of the Stockholm agreement and with the implementation of the directives of the command, our forces began last night to implement the first phase of the withdrawal of the port of Al Hudeida," Saria said in statements to the official agency SABA controlled by the Houthis

The spokesman said that the Houthis now "hope" that the CCR will obtain a commitment from the Yemeni government to fulfill its part of the first phase of the agreement negotiated in Sweden, which contemplates the withdrawal of troops from the east of the city and from other parts of "critical" importance in the city.

The agreement, negotiated in Sweden at the beginning of December with the mediation of the UN, foresees the application of an immediate ceasefire in Al Hudeida and the progressive withdrawal of troops from both sides of the city.

The agreement will be implemented in phases and provides for the withdrawal of all military forces from the city within 21 days after the implementation of the ceasefire.

The text negotiated in Sweden contemplates the withdrawal of troops from the port of Al Hudeida and other key parts of the city, associated with humanitarian facilities, within two weeks.

However, the details of the application of the pact depend on the CCR, a committee led by the UN and in which members of the Houthis and the Yemeni Government also participate.

The ceasefire officially began to be applied on the 18th, but since then hostilities have not stopped and sporadic exchanges of fire and artillery fire have been recorded every day.


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