April 21, 2021

The rebellion sung against macho violence | Culture

The rebellion sung against macho violence | Culture

The music will sound for them that night. It will be dedicated "to those who rebel, do not shut up, the humble and the meek, those who imagine impossible things, the right to be happy" as he prays The Dead Women's Club of Víctor Manuel. And a violet door will open like the one Rozalén drew on the wall to free himself. Or as your song says The violet door: "With a hand on my neck that subtly prevents me from breathing." 22 artists of different generations and styles -from pop to flamenco, from folk to rock- will sing this Thursday to the victims of male violence in a great charity concert planned in the Municipal Palace of Congresses of Madrid. So far this year, a woman has died every five days killed by her partner or ex-partner. And the world of music wants to be a revulsive to stop a social drama that leaves more victims than terrorism -982 murdered since the count began in 2003- and against which they have emerged denial voices in recent months.

"In a concert to make the problem of gender violence visible, we have to be there, especially with these winds that are blowing," says Sole Giménez, singer of Presuntos Implicados. He prefers not to name them "because it's not just one, it's a current." He refers to the irruption of the extreme right-wing Vox party in Andalusia and the echoes and effects that a discourse with which they pretend to question violence against women and who demand the repeal of the Organic Law of Comprehensive Protection Measures against Gender Violence, approved in 2004.

"I militate, I'm on the side of women," says Victor Manuel. Considers that the only revolution "moderately well resolved" has led them

"The world of culture has been at the forefront and helps society to evolve," adds Giménez, who shares the bill with Rozalén, Víctor Manuel, Amaral, Carmen Linares, Cristina del Valle and Pedro Guerra, among others. The 22 stage artists, who will perform one or two songs each, will add messages recorded by, among others, Pasión Vega or Rosalía, turned into a global phenomenon with The bad want. The young artist with the most international exposure in Spain has dedicated an entire album to toxic love, to the spiral of violence that many victims suffer until they lose their lives. Includes topics such as No man, where he warns: "Until you were jailer, I was yours".

"Five years ago saying the word feminism was frowned upon, but that does not happen anymore. There is a movement that asks Not a step back. Because neither men nor women can afford to go back, "says the Giménez phone, which says he has lived through close cases of sexist violence. She will interpret one of her best known themes, As we have changed, and will put a note of optimism with The Woman that moves the world. "And it makes the day spin to its rhythm and makes happy as much as it gives", as the lyrics say.

"In a concert to make the problem of gender violence visible, we have to be there, especially with these winds that blow", says Sole Giménez

Cristina del Valle this claim does not catch new. It has been 18 years since the member of Dangerous Friendships created the Platform of Women Artists against Gender Violence. From that group they supported the feminist associations in the mobilizations to request the law against gender violence and They organized a tribute to Ana Orantes, the woman whose case stirred the conscience of an entire country. Orantes was murdered in 1997 by her ex-husband, who burned her alive after she recounted prime time television his calvary.

The Del Valle platform was a pioneer with demonstrations and concerts, such as They give the note, a performance of denunciation with which they made a national tour 2004. Repeats three decades later with a bigger concert, the biggest that she remembers for this cause. "The political moment makes it more urgent than ever, it took a world to push through the 2004 law and today there are parties in the system that use democracy to attack our rights and challenge a state problem like this," laments Del Valle. "Music has a vital role," the singer considers, recalling performances such as the one that took them to Ciudad Juarez in Mexico, where they ended up pushing several cases of serious abuses against women to the International Criminal Court. One of his themes for this concert, Rescue a city (from Esmeralda Grau), refers to the mothers of the murdered people of Ciudad Juárez. "We are one and each one of them all," says the refrain.

"I militate, I'm on the side of women," Victor Manuel says. The Dead Women's Club He has written She only knew how to let herself be loved, in which she draws a violence that often goes unnoticed: "So that the neighbors do not know anything, he does not leave marks and she never screams".

"It cost a world to take forward the law of 2004 and today there are parties that use democracy to attack our rights," laments Cristina del Valle

Víctor Manuel paraphrases a vignette from El Roto to refer to Vox: "The average mental age of the extreme right is the Middle Ages"The Asturian interpreter considers:" The only reasonably well resolved revolution of the last third of the last century and what has been of this has been the revolution of women: they are already everywhere where they want to be, they study more and better than Uncles. "It is necessary that they occupy positions of responsibility" in high companies. "And says goodbye with a reflection:" The day that all women have economic independence, the streets will be full of abandoned men. "

"The situation was so serious that they had to act"

The first national concert against gender violence, as defined in the poster as well as "the great appointment of our music with the elimination of violence against women", will take place this Thursday at the Municipal Conference Center of Madrid starting from 20.00. It's called ¡Actuemos !! (with double sign of admiration). They will act 13 women, five men and four musical groups without charging fees.

The price of tickets ranges from 36 to 50 euros in a capacity of 1800 people. There are still places, according to the organization. The collection will be for the Federation of Associations of Assistance to Victims of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (Famuvi), with organizations in Castilla y León, Catalonia, Comunidad Valenciana, Andalucía, Cantabria, Comunidad de Madrid and Asturias. With the money, Famuvi wants to promote new associations to serve women in the 10 autonomous communities where they still have no presence, explains one of its spokespersons, Mariti Pereira, who applauds an initiative that came to them: "We were told that several artists considered the situation was so serious that they had to act. " He praises the importance of the impulse of the world of culture to support social problems. Pereira does not hide his concern for "this neomachism that seems to want to defend the poor men, when most are as at war as we are." Acts of gender violence are attacks against human rights.


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