August 10, 2020

The rebellion of the Naples of Ancelotti

The costumes of Naples is a powder magazine. The draw in the Champions League against Salzburg and the exorbitant methods of De Laurentiis have exploded the tension in the seventh place in Serie A, which has four games without winning. The low performance of the team has led its president, Aurelio De Laurentiis, to order a concentration for this whole week, something that the players have not given up absent last night from the concentration. Insigne, one of the team leaders, would have informed the president's son that they are not willing to remain focused until Saturday's game against Genoa.

As with Sarri or Benítez, De Laurentiis does not seem to be understood with Carlo Ancelotti, coach of Naples to which some media already relate to Boca Juniors. The Italian decided not to appear before the media after the game, thus transmitting his support to his players. Despite the results, coach and players are one, as demonstrated in the joint celebration of the goal against Salzburg.

The first reaction of the president of the Italian team was to continue his despotic attitude threatening to take legal action against his staff and delegitimize the power he had granted to his coach. However, in a statement, it was reversing when it was known that it was not supported by the collective agreement of football players in Italy, which does not allow "punishment" concentrations like the one he had designed. The club would only have the right to punish its players in cases of expulsions, hard fouls or misplaced statements, never to force them to concentrate at twelve o'clock at night for "technical sports demands." Connoisseurs of this rule, after the tie, the players left the bus that would have taken them back to their sports city empty.

In this scenario, Naples puts the season very uphill, although it still has time to meet its objectives: to qualify again for the Champions League and move to at least eighths.

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