January 16, 2021

The rebellion of the machines closer and closer: the robots of Boston Dynamics have started to dance

If one day robots take over the world they will dance on our graves, now also literally. Boston Dynamics, one of the most promising companies in this sector, shows us the new abilities of his robots: dancing. With the song ‘Do you love me?’ In the background the three robots of the company dance for more than two minutes with surprising balance and coordination.

The video begins with Atlas (the humanoid robot) dancing in a choreography with another Atlas. Later Spot (the robot dog) joins in to catch all eyes and finally appears too Boston Dynamics’ third robot that moves on two wheels always keeping balance.

For now only Spot is a robot that can be called a final product and is for sale. The humanoid Atlas is still under development and, from what we see, we could say that it is quite advanced.


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