May 26, 2020

The rebellion of pregnant women that brought together 20,000 people | Society

In the town Verín ourensano There will be no more births. The Xunta de Galicia It has decreed the suppression of the district hospital ward to which more than 30,000 patients are assigned from the most emptied areas of the province. This Saturday, 20,000 people have participated in a protest demonstration that lasted more than four hours, according to Civil Protection data. Protesters overflowed the streets to demand that this decision be reversed.

The Sergas justifies the change pointing to a criterion of loss of quality due to the low number of births which are recorded (60 in what will be this year) in the hospital of Verín, a municipality with 14,600 inhabitants one hour from Ourense. Gynecologists reply that it is "safer" to give birth there than in a taxi on the way to the Ourense hospital where all deliveries will be derived. They argue that the real reason is the lack of pediatricians. In the middle of the controversy, the pregnant women of the affected areas have begun to lead a rebellion against this decision of the Feijóo Government to which the mayors of the involved areas have joined, which are mostly the PP, like Feijóo himself .

"Will you take the risk if I lose my son on the way to Ourense?" Thus he questioned the manager of the hospital area of ​​the province, Felix Rubial, one of about 40 pregnant women who attended a previous meeting at the hospital in which he announced the suppression of the delivery unit "for security reasons."

Pregnant women responded with boos to the manager's announcement. And in response to his requests for respect, they said: "Respect is what you don't have for women." Rubial was forced to leave the meeting. They began a vindictive campaign.

Verín health area, where the obstetrics service that is referred to Ourense has been suspended.

Verín health area, where the obstetrics service that is referred to Ourense has been suspended.

“This is intentional and the result of bad management. They have been letting the service die and allege that 600 annual deliveries are necessary, a figure that is not reached in any county hospital. They want to dismantle them. ” This is explained by the representative of the Verín hospital workers, Rosa Eva Fernández. It is not, in his opinion, that there are few deliveries but that there are no pediatricians "and those of Ourense do not want to come."

Fernández believes that the decision creates a "serious health problem": "What will happen to premature births if there are no gynecologists or pediatricians?" She is convinced that it is “the beginning of the closure of the hospital because after the dismantling of pediatrics and obstetrics and gynecology the surgery will go,” he says. “Of the four anesthetists assigned, three come from Ourense and only one has the place here, so they propose to the neighbors, mainly older people, to go to the private one to Ourense. And as many do not want, they go on to fatten a long waiting list. ” There is no dermatology either. "The Sergas has not covered the place of the specialist there was."

Javier Castrillo, head of gynecology at the regional hospital, says that the reasons given by Sergas to close the parlor are "fallacies." "They have come with the indecency of lack of quality when it comes to a management problem." Castrillo lists two factors related to the "unprofitable resources" management. He points out that the Sergas “has claudicated the pressure of the pediatricians of Ourense, who do not want to be moving here although they are obliged to do so by court order, and has claudicated the pressure of the gynecology service of the ourensano hospital that has a similar problem to ours: their deliveries have fallen more than half in the last decade and have twice as many gynecologists, so in their logic comes scratching our deliveries ”.

In the same sense, the mayor of Verín, the socialist Gerardo Seoane, is ready to go to the Prosecutor's Office. "The Sergas is breaking a judicial sentence," he says regarding the obligation to send pediatricians to Verin. And he points out that the Feijóo government is propping up empty Spain. "Its management model consists in liquidating what does not give money and privatizing what is profitable," he says.

The pediatric and obstetrics and gynecology services of Ourense react to the neighborhood mobilization initiated by women: all physicians (except those on leave or on vacation) have signed and disseminated a document in support of the Sergas decision.

The president of the Xunta, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has clung to this “overwhelming unanimity” to indicate that the decision is not political, but technical, something that questions the Official College of Physicians of Ourense.

Although the president of this group, José Luis Jiménez, supports the closure of the Verín parlor, he says that the decision “is political, even if it is based on technical criteria: the doctor must seek safety and efficiency is achieved with many cases " Jiménez highlights a management problem because in recent years, he says, "Sergas has expanded political and propaganda-based devices but without providing them with human resources and, of course, now it finds this."

The midwives of Verin intuited this end last July, when the only pediatrician who retired retired. “Those of Ourense began to come, reluctantly, saturated with making guards and, in parallel, more and more women began to be referred to Ourense. Each birth was a war, ”they point out.

Last May, the same Sergas that now suppresses the paritor, celebrated the 25th anniversary of the center with an act in which he handed a diploma to the first girl born in it.

This Thursday, the one who will be the last child born there was rushed to the Ourense hospital: the boy had a complication and there were no pediatricians.

The remains of the first privatization trial

The hospital of Verín is, in fact, what remains of the first privatizing health experience launched by Feijóo in the 90s during his time as head of the Sergas with José Manuel Romay at the head of the Department of Sanidade. A health management experiment, that of hospital foundations – consisted of privatizing hiring in a publicly owned hospital – which ended in fiasco and reintegrated into the public network in 2009.

Verín was the flagship of the rest of the Galician hospital foundations. However, just three years after its start-up, the hospital was already running at medium gas and the economic losses were of such caliber that the Consello de Contas, the Galician inspection body, warned that the accounting was falsified and that The foundation was completely dependent on the public funds of the Xunta. In addition, he detailed that he was not able to meet an important care demand.

By the time the devastating report was made public, in 1996, Feijóo had already promoted the Ministry of Health of the Government of Aznar with Romay. From there they promoted the same type of foundation for the rest of the State.

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