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The rebellion for primary care intensifies in Galicia | Society

The rebellion for primary care intensifies in Galicia | Society

"They have sold us. We do not understand why experienced people who work in unions that society pays to resolve conflicts like this, has handed us over to the Xunta. " So says Luciano Garnelo, one of the 23 heads of service of the main primary care centers of the Vigo area, his discomfort after the unions have called off the planned strike. Last December, this professional group presented its resignation to pressure the Xunta to adopt measures against the "precariousness" of that sector. Like Garnelo, the Vigo doctors protest the agreement reached on Monday between union representatives and the Galician health service (Sergas).

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Just a few hours after the pact, in which according to the unions the Sergas assumed "all" claims, Feijóo he spoke only of an offer of dialogue, denying that it had been agreed to increase the budget. The agreement "was air; not even smoke, "says Garnelo. The doctors have decided to dispense with the unions and lead mobilizations and a new call for strikes.

"We are wrong," the spokesmen of some unions repeat from Monday night after learning that the Xunta It was unmarked of the agreement that they understood as a budget injection to the primary care and for which they signed the disconcert of the strike foreseen for this week.

The union delegates of CIG and OMega, both doctors, were greeted with boos at the primary care meeting held on Wednesday evening at the College of Physicians of Vigo which was attended by about 200 members.

His colleagues reproached them -they and the Elementary Galician Coordinator- that they had not even proposed to the assembly the recall of the strike before signing it. "They did not give us a whatsapp," they lamented.

The only agreement started with the Xunta, in exchange for suspending the three-day strike called for this week - at the doorstep of the electoral campaign - was to create a technical committee to negotiate.

"We did not explain how unions and struggling associations entered the dark side and agreed to continue negotiating the never-ending pact with which we have not achieved anything for decades, "Garnelo recriminates. Stresses that last year "we started a verbal agreement by which the Ministry of Health was committed to take a lot of demands within three months: As of today has not done anything at all !; we can not continue negotiating on the negotiated and suspending a strike so that nothing happens, "the specialist claims.

The cost for the union centrals of the "great anger, disappointment, sadness and bitterness" that has generated its pact with the Xunta among the health professionals will be immediate: the doctors begin to work without counting on them and they consider not to vote, or to do it only in the case of forming a group of its own, in health union elections.

The board of service and unit heads of Vigo resigned and dismissed has issued a statement in which he calls "failure" his confidence in the signatory unions (CIG, CC OO, CEMS and Omega) as well as in the SOS Galicia association and the AGAMFEC (Galician Association of Family and Community Medicine) that were integrated into the strike committee. They congratulate only the group Precarias for Primary Care, "the only ones who did not sign the shameful agreement with the Consellería".

The doctors make it clear that they will act now as a meeting of the Primary Care Service (SAP) of the EOXI (the integrated management organizational structure) of Vigo, calling for strikes and the May strike outside of the union organizations and other groups.

In addition, they announce that they will not participate in the technical committee that the unions agreed with the Xunta and ask the signers to retract and abandon it. They propose, together with it, to stop accepting resident doctors next year in the SAPs with more overload, stop negotiating and signing objectives with management, boycott union elections and continue with the request to the Inspection of Research Work of their physical and mental work conditions.

"This is a conflict for dignity and professional ethics, it is not a labor conflict; It was a strike that was going to be massively followed by the medical community for the first time and they deceived us: nobody was interested in this happening, "conclude the primary care doctors from Vitoria, urging the rest of Galicia to join them.


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