The rebates start decaffeinated but with forecasts of record in hirings | Economy

The rebates start decaffeinated but with forecasts of record in hirings | Economy

The winter sales campaign of 2019 has started at mid-year with the New Year, although with record hiring forecasts. The liberalizing measures of 2012, during the first government of Mariano Rajoy, opened to traders the possibility of lowering prices whenever they want. So for years, the black friday is the kick-off to a promotions marathon that culminate in January and February, the months of the sales traditional. If it is added that some communities, on which fall the competences in consumption, advanced the period of discounts before the deregulatory measures that started the PP, the result is that it is not difficult to find the cartel of discounts in the streets of many Spanish cities. But these will not be generalized until after the day of Kings.

Among the large chains that are already on sale are H & M and Mango, both in physical stores and on their web pages. On the contrary, two other giants such as Inditex or El Corte Inglés will wait until next week. The case of the Spanish department store chain is paradigmatic. During the whole Christmas campaign has had special promotions with great discounts on some products. However, its rebates itself, with a generalized price decrease for all the products of the autumn-winter season, will begin when its stores open on January 7. For the web, the starting point is still being defined, according to company sources.

The possibility of applying promotions continuously divided for years the sector. "The rebates as such, as clearly defined periods of discounts, have lost their meaning and, therefore, their impact on consumers," they argue in the Spanish Confederation of Commerce. That is why this employer's association, which brings together small and medium merchants, is finalizing a campaign "to claim traditional sales".

From the National Association of Large Distribution Companies (Anged) they defend, however, that "the merchant has always done and should be able to continue doing commercial promotions". Therefore, says a spokesman for the association, the debate is often semantic ("if you can use the word rebates") and has already been "overcome" by technology. "No one can prevent multinational e-commerce platforms from using these terms whenever they want," they point out from Anged, in which both business groupings coincide in that sales will grow, albeit slightly, compared to last year.

Thousands of hires

That optimism will also be transferred to the labor market, according to the forecasts of the large companies of temporary work and human resources. Adecco estimates that the contracts for this year's campaign will increase by 4.1% compared to 2018. Specifically, the company figures in 122,900 contracts that will be made at the start of the sales to meet the peaks of activity that are generated in the trade and other sectors. More than half will be signed in the provinces of Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Murcia and Valencia, according to Adecco's calculations. The commercial profiles will be the most demanded and most of the incorporations will be made in areas of customer service and sales force.

For his part, Randstad calculates that the contracts signed will be 157,310. Its forecast covers all of January and February, but it is reduced only to the three sectors most directly related to rebates (commerce, transport and logistics). The multinational of Dutch origin, which performs these calculations for more than a decade, emphasizes in its forecasts that "2019 is situated as the sixth year of consecutive growth". The expected increase of 7.5% will be the lowest in five years, but will allow to mark "a new milestone". This is the "overcome for the first time in history the figure of 150,000 hires."


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