March 7, 2021

The reasons why Griezmann does not attend the preseason of Atlético de Madrid

The Antoine Griezmann soap opera seems to have no end. The French footballer has not been presented this morning to the second day of preseason of the Athletic of Madrid, that already has all the members of his staff and the Gallic could face a sanctioning file.

Neither is it nor is it expected. That is the message that these days travels through the fields of Los Angeles de San Rafael, headquarters of the men of Cholo Simeone before the rojiblancos set course for their tour of the Americas. In that tour Griezmann will not be, who will not be placed under the orders of Cholo despite the fact that Atlético urged him, in a tough statement, to attend the rally along with the rest of his teammates on Sunday.

Griezmann, who these days has been relaxing in Ibiza with family and friends, alleges two reasons to justify his absence in the preseason rojiblanca. First, the Frenchman told Atlético that he suffers emotional stress and that he needs to recover from the pressure he has been subjected to in recent weeks. The second reason that the Frenchman claims is that his vacation month has not yet ended and the athletic entity has to comply with what the AFE stipulates for the agreement of the players.

To this day, Griezmann is still a rojiblanco player and until Atlético de Madrid and Barcelona solve the war, the cuzbron Griezmann is quite long. The League headquarters is still waiting for those 120 million.

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