October 27, 2020

The reason why Fernando Alonso does not run Indianapolis with Andretti: money, Honda …?

Andretti has explained the reasons that Spanish is not in his team

All that moves around Fernando Alonso are rumors and more rumors. The pilot is very calm and seems confident in running in Indianapolis this year and if he can Formula 1 next season.

Everyone said that in Indianapolis he was going to run with Andretti, but Honda vetoed the Spanish driver. Now from Andretti they are explained in Racer. com “It didn’t happen because we couldn’t reach an agreement. Our contract allows us to hire who we want, but Honda is not to blame. Nobody’s fault. It just didn’t work out, but everything went well with others.“explains Michael Andretti

He is asked if not agreeing to an agreement was a matter of money, that neither party reached what the other reached: “It may not be all due to money.”

In the magazine they ask then, if Alonso can run with other teams equipped with Honda: “There has never been a conversation with Fernando or his group or Honda with us,” says Mike Hull, the managing director of Ganassi, a Honda team, That could be open to Fernando. “We were a little surprised that nobody contacted us and put a fourth car. Honda never told us we couldn’t do it. But it was never on the table. Our team was never in a position to ask our motor partner, Honda. We are curious spectators like everyone else ”.


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