August 5, 2021

The reality of the Roma people, in figures | TV

The reality of the Roma people, in figures | TV

In the past they lived in community, they were nomads and they spoke their own language. Today your reality is completely different. 750,000 people in Spain are gypsies, the equivalent of the population of the city of Valencia. 95% of Roma children are already in school, but only 2% go to university. 10,000 gypsies in Spain live in shacks, but they are 70% less than 27 years ago. The Roma people have evolved in our country for more than 30 years in more than six centuries.

Aimar Bretos, presenter of So much percent, it witnesses this change in the third installment of the DMAX program (Wednesday at 22.30). Live with gypsies from Andalusia, Madrid, Catalonia or Castilla y León to see how they live, think and adapt to the new times.

Why are 80% of gypsies who come to the university women? What do they think about marriage, virginity or access to the labor market and how much have their ideas changed with respect to their mothers or the figure of the patriarch?

37% of gypsies are engaged in street vending. But, far beyond the clichés, there are also gypsy lawyers or politicians. María Hernández, Councilor of the City of León, made that leap: from the market to the plenary room of the León Town Hall. The mother of Marcos Santiago also worked as a street vendor. Today this Cordovan lawyer defends gypsies and payos in the courts of Córdoba.

In addition, the presenter of So much percent He enters one of the most depressed neighborhoods in Spain, the 3,000 homes, in Seville. There the unemployment rate exceeds 80%. That was not an impediment for Lorena, a nurse in a nursing home and student of the EIR (internal resident nurse). "I have had to overcome three barriers: being a gypsy, of the 3,000 homes and women." Being a woman was precisely Jennifer's dream. At birth they called her Jonathan. He always had his sexual identity clear. Despite the rejection of some gypsy evangelists for "having the devil inside" and that her own father stopped talking to her, Jennifer always had the support of her mother and her aunts, also gypsies. Today, a mural of 7 meters with a lipstick and the Romani flag presides over the entrance to his neighborhood.


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