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The reality of Honduran coffee in the film "Coffee with a taste of my land"

The family of the Honduran Carlos Membreño always lived from the production of coffee, but the rust that attacks the plantations of that grain brought them down so much that they ended up dedicating themselves to cattle raising and corn planting.

Perhaps that gave rise to Membreño, producer, not of coffee but of cinema, and screenwriter, to pay tribute to the Honduran producers of the aromatic with the film "Coffee with flavor to my land", shot in six places in Honduras, Germany and Spain, which since last week is being projected successfully in the main cinemas of its country, by Sin Fronteras Estudios.

It is the fifth film of Membreño since he jumped to the big screen with "Crazy Christmas Catracha (Honduran)", which in his opinion so far has been the most successful and his favorite.

"My whole family lived from coffee, but the rust brought them down so much that they ended up throwing in the towel and dedicated themselves to other items such as livestock and corn planting, that's why it is my admiration for coffee growers," Membreño said in an interview with Efe in Tegucigalpa.

In the midst of his ignorance on the subject he added that after the film he has never valued so much the cup of coffee that he, his family and the Honduran people have taken in his life.

With his latest production he met "the human side behind every cup of Honduran coffee", hence it is a tribute to the more than 100,000 small coffee farmers who handle that activity in Honduras.

Coffee is the first export product of Honduras, a country that has become the third largest producer in Latin America and fifth worldwide, according to official sources, with sales that in the last year it harvests and despite the low prices in the international market Around 1,000 million dollars.

"'Coffee with a taste of my land' shows the sacrifice behind the cup of coffee, it is a project that dignifies the work of the producers," said Membreño, who is working on other film projects with Colombian producers, and Los Angeles and New York (USA), which will be informed at the time.

Membreño has been very impressed with how such a small grain generates so much economic movement for coffee families and the entire coffee marketing chain, in which the producer is most affected, due to the poor pay he receives.

"This film shows the hard work of our producers, the human side behind the cup of coffee consumed not only in Honduras but worldwide," said the director of the work, which was recorded in six coffee-growing communities of Honduras, as in Tortosa, Spain, and Bremen, Germany.

One of the regions where the film was shot is the municipality of Marcala, where one of the best coffees in Honduras is produced.

The theme of "Coffee with a taste of my land" is the overcoming, showing on the screen examples of real situations that producers live, such as the destruction of their farms due to rust and other pests, which have led to many of them to ruin

The film shows the two worlds of the producers, that of a small one marked by adversities, who was about to lose his farm and his house due to debts with a bank, and that of a family that has grown, which has a production huge, which "no longer puts eggs in a single basket, but has diversified its farm."

"Then, we see the counterpart of a successful family, internal fights between coffee growers at the time of falling coffee prices in the international market and when they are struck down by diseases such as rust that attacks the plantation," said Membreño.

But in addition to internal fights, producers are greatly affected by the economic difficulties of families, which are aggravated by the derivation of other conflicts.

Another relevant aspect is the empowerment of women in coffee growing, performing a great job that sometimes seems to be invisible, in addition to their other obligations at home.

"We also see that despite all the problems, with faith and determination we can get ahead," said Membreño, who at twelve began to have contacts with local television and then opened doors that led him to work on several channels , produce documentaries and short films, until fully engaged in film production for five years.

His other three productions are "Crazy summer catracho", sequel to "Crazy Christmas catracha"; "Movie loves" and "The cage."

The scenes recorded in Bremen, Germany, are from the "landing of the purest coffee in the world, which comes from Corquín, Copán (western Honduras), which is transported on a sailboat that passes almost all over the world collecting organic food."

"In Tortosa, Spain, consumption was recorded, how the foreigner values ​​and enjoys, tastes that aromatic cup that comes from the hands of our coffee growers," said Membreño, who thanked the support they have had from the Honduran private company for the production of "Coffee with a taste of my land", which has cost 12 million lempiras (about $ 486,223).

The protagonists and supporting actors of the film are, among others, Carlos Moncada, Alejandra Arias, Enrique Romero, Enrique Barrientos, Ethel Flores, Rosa Fortín and Jorge Osorto.

Germán Reyes

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