August 3, 2021

The real winner of the 'football war' is MásMóvil: the one who steals the most customers without having football | Economy

The real winner of the 'football war' is MásMóvil: the one who steals the most customers without having football | Economy

MásMóvil managed to snatch from its rivals in August and September 35,000 customers fixed line telephony and Internet and 91,000 mobile thanks to the portability procedure. This flow of customers occurs coinciding with the start of the football season, and despite the fact that MásMóvil is the only operator that has completely renounced having its own television offer and, therefore, to broadcast sports content, according to provisional figures of the National Commission of the Market and the Competition (CNMC) to which the COUNTRY has had access.

The so-called fourth operator, which also includes the brands Yoigo, LlamaYa and PepePhone, won 17,300 broadband customers in September and another 17,700 in August, and 42,242 mobile lines in September, to which we must add 38,729 in August. With these figures, beats Movistar, which snatched 18,600 Internet lines in September and 4,030 in August, although the Telefónica brand added more than 100,000 mobile customers in these two summer months (33,462 in September and 68,682 in August). ).

Telefonica has thrown all the meat in the spit in the commercial offer of the summer with football whose main decoy, in whose television rights it has committed an expenditure of more than 4,000 million euros in five years, invoice that is saved completely MásMóvil.

Flight from Vodafone

The most affected by the portability figures was Vodafone, which sold 41,950 landline and Internet lines to the competition, in addition to the 30,560 it lost in August. Mobile portability is much higher than the fixed one because it is related to each Broadband client has several extra mobile lines associated with it. That is, with each fixed line and broadband, they carry between two and three mobile lines associated with the same package. Hence, Vodafone, which also includes the Ono and Lowi brands, has sold 150,000 lines these two months (94,100 mobile lines in August and 60,320 in September).

The market discounted a flight of Vodafone customers after the decision of the operator to give up this season 2018-2019 the Partidazo de la Liga and European competitions (Champions League and UEFA Europa League.) However, in sources of the sector that is lower than expected since it would affect 20% of the total soccer clients that he owned in July, which rose to 350,000.

Orange, which also has all the football offer, won 6,000 Internet lines in September that add to the 4,600 that had achieved in August. However, the orange operator has ceded more than 60,000 mobile lines in those two months.

The month of August and the first weeks of September is when, historically, the largest number of television service contracts is concentrated, more than half of the total for the year. The broadcast of football has unleashed an unprecedented commercial war between telecommunications operators, who have designed private offers designed to attract customers of a certain company, and that are not advertised, but only made through telephone calls. For example, Movistar offered Vodafone customers a 50% discount for one year on their Family Fusion and Fusion + Premium rates. through their call center of customer acquisition. And Orange has activated similar offers against its second rival.

Decsuentos to stop the exits

To defend itself, Vodafone has taken out a private offer aimed at customers of its three rivals (Movistar, Orange and MásMóvil), to which it discounts 50% even for life if they change their company and hire some of the Vodafone One S, M packages. , L or Family TV.

Despite this frontal attack of its competitors, Vodafone continues to think that it will be very profitable not to pay its share in the bill for football rights, which amounts to 1,300 million euros a year. According to his calculations and due to the distribution formula set by the CNMC, the real cost per customer of football is 420 euros for Telefónica, 440 euros for Orange and 980 euros for Vodafone.


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