The Real Madrid goal of Zidane will be for Courtois

The Real Madrid goal of Zidane will be for Courtois

Zidane is not usually very categorical in his statements, much less when he has to talk about his plans for next year. So surprised what he said about his idea for the goal from this summer: "Next year the matter of the goalkeepers will be very clear, there will be no debate," he said in a serious tone. the translation of that Zizou phrase is as follows. These are the plans that are already very clear for the future in that demarcation.

Courtois, indisputable holder

The holder, indisputable and without doubts, will be Thibaut Courtois, a young goalkeeper, named the best of the past World Cup in Russia and for which Real Madrid has made an investment that is strong, but at the same time it is a bargain if They take into account the prices that will be handled in what is coming. Having a goalkeeper of the quality of the Belgian for 35 million is a bargain, and for that money came to Real Madrid thanks to the good movement of the white technical secretariat, since the player finished contract soon and if he did not let go, Chelsea would have They let out free only twelve months later.

Courtois will leave in summer

For all that, Courtois is chosen by Zidane for the goal, which will lead Keylor to leave the Bernabéu this summer. He was the confidence man of the French coach in the prodigious streak of three consecutive League of Champions, but it is also true that he did not have a level competition for doubts to arise. Casilla was a good substitute. Another thing was to compete the position to the Costa Rican. Zizou opted for Navas to the point of aborting the arrival of Kepa, because he did not want to break the harmony of the template.

Lunin or Luca Zidane, substitute goalkeeper

Now things have changed, Courtois is ahead in the preferences and Navas will look for a destination. It remains to know the name of the man who will play the role of substitute goalkeeper and who will remain as third goalkeeper. Lunin, now on loan at Leganes, could be the substitute, although not having played much in his adventure in Butarque could go back in search of minutes. This would leave Luca Zidane as the maximum candidate to be the goalkeeper of the Copa del Rey, after being almost all his life in the white quarry.


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