November 30, 2020

The real estate sector believes that government aid discriminates against tenants




Discriminatory. This is how they see the rental aid approved in the last real estate sector Minister council. The fact that the Government considers the owners of more than ten homes as large holders and imposes stricter conditions on them than the rest of the landlords has unleashed a trail of criticism that comes from large companies to consultants.

Vulnerable tenants who live in a fund house, a socimi or simply an individual with more than ten houses will be able to choose between removals 50% or moratoriums for a period of up to four months. The rest of the tenants will access a line of guarantees from the State to pay microloans to pay the rent. But there will be no penalty for your landlords.

“In practice, this discriminates against tenants who are rented in a private home. Once again, the Government converts a reasonable measure to put an ideological dose “, explains the CEO of Colliers Spain, Mikel Echavarren.

But not only the real estate sees discriminatory the AIDS. Sectors such as small commerce or logistics have raised their voices in the last hours to criticize that there are no incentives for commercial premises. The logistical management UNO yesterday asked the real estate funds that act as landlords to apply discounts to companies in the sector to offset the drop in activity.

The Asociation criticized the “helplessness” in which these companies have been unable to access the moratoriums and removals put in place by the Executive, which in principle has ruled out including the self-employed and SMEs among the beneficiaries of these grants.

Predictably, access to these grants will not be easy. He General Council of the Official Colleges of Real Estate Agents He maintains that the procedures are “highly complex” and do not facilitate “an immediate and agile solution” to the situation. The beneficiaries of these measures will have to present different certificates that include, for example, the amount received as unemployment benefits or the ownership of property.

Obtaining these documents in a state of alarm will be another handicap for tenants, although from the Executive they assure that a responsible statement may be presented that includes the justification of the reasons that prevent the presentation of said documents.


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