The reactions of Anabel Pantoja's environment to her divorce

Anabel Pantoja and Omar Sánchez, the Gran Canarian who stole the heart of the Sevillian, have announced their divorce and the reactions of the environment of the niece of Isabel Pantoja at the end of their relationship have not been long in coming.

A real media earthquake was unleashed last Sunday after socialite drop the bomb and Live life confirm the news: the influencer and 'the black' they have taken different paths.

A new course that both have decided to undertake separately because, as the protagonist of the notorious divorce has confessed, "hThere is a moment when I see that I am not moving up or down. It's not that Omar is too small for me because he's a great man and maybe the one who hasn't been up to the task has been me, but I've seen everything very asleep."

Little more than 24 hours passed when the Sevillian and the Gran Canarian confirmed the breakup between the two, unable to hide something that was obvious anymore. Those who, however, they did not expect this news at all that is monopolizing all the covers and headlines of the last hours were the people who occupy the hard core and closer to the versatile collaborator of Save me.

What people from Anabel Pantoja's environment have been taken by surprise by the couple's separation? What does Isabel Pantoja think?

general bewilderment

Anabel herself confessed that Bethlehem Esteban, her great friend, was one of the only people who knew the trance that the young woman was going through influencer. "A marriage is sacrifice and generosity and sometimes you have to fight with things, even if you want, they won't work"Belén said in support of her friend.

His cousin Kiko Rivera also broke his silence about the end of the marriage of Anabel and Omar and, against all odds, he had a small approach to his cousin. "I have a lot of love for Omar, for my cousin really too and I am very sorry" said during his appearance on SecretStory.

Kiko's sister, Isa Pantoja, also sent a loving message to her cousin in which she acknowledged that "I know you wanted to talk to me, and now I know what this is about, forgive me, I'm with the exams".

But, What has been Isabel Pantoja's reaction? Anabel has been in charge of clearing the doubts. "I wanted my aunt to find out from me, I don't want to worry my aunt. I wanted to talk to her in person." The young woman has recognized, thus assuring that she would be finding out on television.

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