Wed. Jan 22nd, 2020

The reaction of Miki that has enamored the networks

‘OT 2018’: La reacción de Miki que ha enamorado a las redes

The last gala of
Operation Triunfo 2018
is giving many headlines. From what happened with the sound in the program to the disconsolate crying of Miki at
that has not gone unnoticed on the internet. On the contrary, it has enamored the followers of talent show of Gestmusic.

Everything happened when Riki gave the contestant a stuffed animal in the shape of a squirrel that has caused his immediate crying. His colleagues asked him why he was crying, who he remembers, until he was able to vocalize. "To Elena" "Because he reminds me a lot of her. I always say that it looks a lot like a squirrel. " But who was Elena?

"I hope it helps you wake up every morning with a lot of strength"

"My partnerto". With these words, the followers of the Operación Triunfo contestant have begun to ship in social networks and comment on what is endearing at the moment. Then she appeared on the screen to send a message.

"Hello my child," he commented. I hope that the gift will make you very happy and that Help you wake up every morning with a lot of strength to take advantage of this opportunity that you have achieved. I love you a lot".

Tears welled up in Miki's eyes; of his cheekbones, a red emotion that has captivated the networks. He, totally shocked, could only respond with a: "I love her a lot. It looks like how pretty she is ".

"Miki in love is the best thing that exists in this world," commented a user on Twitter. "Keep it in a box", requested another. "He is a wonderful being," insisted one more, referring to the moment lived. "Imagine someone cries like that for you, imagine it, right now I envy Helena a lot, "said another follower of the program.

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