Fri. Dec 13th, 2019

The ‘re-evolution’ of Sainz

It has a great capacity for adaptation ”, he highlighted as the main quality of Carlos Sainz his physical trainer, the Briton Rupert Manwaring, his "performance coach" – as he calls himself. He is the professional who works the physique, nutrition, psychology and even the logistics of the pilot. The final result of his work could not be more eloquent: his disciple from Madrid (25) in his fifth year in the F-1 has ended in sixth position of
world. In other words, Carletes or Chili , as his intimates call him, has been the first of deadly , of the outcasts who do not run in one of the three big (Mercedes, Ferrari, Red Bull).

How do you explain this increase in performance in a middle class pilot? There will be those who will indicate, in the first place, the car; move from a Renault to a McLaren (with the same French engine). True: the performance jump of MCL34 With respect to RS18 Last year is remarkable. But it would be a biased, incomplete reading. Sainz's great change has been himself: this year he has experienced his second evolution. If in the passage from 2016 to 2017 already made a significant leap in maturity, this 2019 Carlos has grown in confidence, “has been freed” from the corset of Red bull that gripped him, explain from his surroundings.


Getting rid of the Red Bull chains has led Sainz to grow as a person, gain confidence and be more incisive

Carlos Sainz reached the F-1 with Red Bull, who captured him for his young driver program, the Junior Team, when he was 16 years old. Under the guidelines of the Austrian team, from 2010 to 2014, he evolved as a pilot, with them he entered the great circus through the subsidiary team, Toro Rosso (2015), but the promotion stopped there: it did not prosper until the first team, as did Max Verstappen, Pierre Gasly and this year Alexander Albon. Carlos preferred to join Renault (2018) and was acquitted of the discipline of buffalo, of Helmut Marko's control calls, of having to pass physical exams in Austria, or of comparative grievances with other pilots …

(Clara Penín)

Released from the Red Bull chains in McLaren, where he arrived this year as a substitute for Fernando Alonso, the Madrid has felt older, treated with confidence, with respect. "This has made him grow, as a person and as a pilot, which has resulted in his confidence," they point out. It has been noticed in the deal, in its way of expressing itself, more loose, more vivacious, more expressive. And on the track, his driving has been a reflection of that release : Now he is a more determined pilot, who doubts less, more daring, more incisive. Nothing to do with the kid who was braking for fear of failure and disappoint Red Bull bosses. He is still a careful pilot, who makes little mistakes, and that allows him to add large booties of points.


McLaren has stopped being the tartana of Alonso to consolidate itself as the fourth car, reliable and fast

And if the car accompanies you minimally, as a more solid MCL34 has done, the result is a remarkable ascent: from 10th to 6th in a year, from 53 points to 96, from hanging around the podium to get on it, for the first time, in Brazil. A deserved prize, which has earned him the respect of the grid. He is already one of the notables of the F-1. He only needs one more step, with a black-legged steering wheel, to enter the aristocracy. Perhaps at the end of 2020, when concluding contract with McLaren …

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