March 7, 2021

The rate of coronavirus infections in the Archipelago decreases

The rate of contagiousness of coronavirus has decreased in the Canary Islands. And it is that for a week that this value is below 1, according to the data managed by the committee of scientists that advises the Government of the Canary Islands on the disease and the Canary Health Service. A fact that reflects, as explained in his Twitter account by the spokesperson of the group of experts, Lluís Serra Majem, that “a regression of the third wave” is taking place in the Islands.

According to the data shared by Majem, the reproduction rate (RO)  – a calculation that measures the number of new cases that a contagion generates – stood at 1.02 on January 30; while as of February 6 it had dropped to 0.84. Or what is the same, “currently each case does not produce a new contagion,” says the spokesman.

Last day the region added 189 positive diagnoses with which the general calculation exceeds the barrier of 37,000 when rising to 37,024. Likewise, the deaths of two people were reported, so the deaths amount to 543.

Currently, there are 7,345 people infected by the virus in the autonomous community, of which 76 are admitted to intensive care units and 321 are recovering in the hospital ward. The rest receive medical care in their homes.

By islands, Tenerife yesterday registered another 34 positive cases with which its global figure stands at 15,781, while that of epidemiologically active is 2,521. Gran Canaria, for its part, was one more day the island that added the most positive diagnoses, specifically, 109 that raise its overall count to 15,106. It is also the territory with the greatest presence of the virus since 3,804 people are still infected.

In Lanzarote, 39 positive cases were detected, in addition to the accumulated that already amount to 3,944. On the island, 839 paintings are still ongoing. Far fewer, a total of 119, has Fuerteventura where 1,453 infections have been recorded since the start of the pandemic, after registering another two in the last 24 hours.

La Palma added three more cases to its accumulated which amount to 354, 21 of them still active. El Hierro also increased its positive diagnoses to 179, after adding two more. There are 21 infected citizens still there. Finally, La Gomera is the only island free from Covid-19 and maintains its global figure at 207.


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