The Raptors go back 30 points, the third best mark in the history of the NBA | sports

Many of the more than 19,000 fans who filled the Toronto's Scotiabank Arena They began to parade when Dallas Mavericks exhibited its net and unexpected superiority throughout the game and placed the 30 points ahead on the scoreboard (53-83) There were only three minutes left until the end of the third quarter. In that final stretch of the game the Raptors got what seemed impossible, a partial of 57-24. It was the largest comeback in the history of the Canadian franchise, the third largest in the history of the NBA.

Only twice there were more pronounced swings in regular NBA games: on November 27, 1996, when Utah traced 36 points to Denver; and on December 21, 2009, when Sacramento overcame the 35-point lead that Chicago had taken to it. The Raptors' mark equals the 30 points that the Lakers also traced, precisely to Dallas, on December 6, 2002.

The comeback of the Raptors had two proper names, those of Kyle Lowry and Chris Boucher. Lowry championed his team with 32 points, 8 rebounds and 10 assists. The Raptors' base scored 20 points in the last quarter, only one less than the entire Mavericks. His exhibition featured a surprising luxury collaborator, the 26-year-old power forward, Chris Boucher. The Canadian nationalized Caribbean player arrived in the NBA in 2017 signing a contract with the Warriors but for his subsidiary team. A year later he signed a similar contract with the Raptors and joined the team that disputes the G-League. He made some sporadic appearances in the first team, but playing a few minutes. This season his average was 11.5 minutes and 5 points. But he uncovered against the Mavericks with the best score of his career: 21 points, plus 7 rebounds and 4 blocks. Another reserve, escort Hollis-Jeffersson, added 18 points.

It was the fifth victory followed by the Raptors, although in the last two games they haven't been able to count on Marc Gasol, who suffered a hamstring injury at the start of the game against Cleveland, on December 16, and not with Pascal Siakam, who had also missed the previous game against Washington because of a hip injury. Further, Serge Ibaka neither was successful against the Mavericks, with 6 points and 5 rebounds.

The Mavericks still can't count on their great figure, Luka Doncic He lost his fourth game after injuring his ankle on December 14 against Miami. Despite this, they dominated especially in the second (22-34) and in the third quarter (21-35). But in the final stretch they collapsed. The 21 points and 9 assists of Brunson, titular base in the absence of Doncic, the 19 points and 12 rebounds of Kristaps Porzingis, the 17 points and 9 rebounds of Dwight Powell. Among all the bench players, they only scored 20 points, with special mention for Seth Curry who missed the seven pitches he made.

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