The rapist of the elevator is silent before the judge: "I will not talk"

The rapist of the elevator is silent before the judge: "I will not talk"

Pedro Luis Gallego, known as the rapist of the elevator and tried for allegedly sexually abusing two women in Madrid and trying to do the same with two others, has refused to testify before the judge. "I'm not going to talk, I prefer to keep quiet."

Legal sources have informed Efe that the holder of the Court of Instruction number 33 of Madrid, Tomás Martín Gil, took on October 4 statement investigating Pedro Luis Gallego after having prosecuted him for the crimes of illegal detention, sexual assault, injuries, robbery with violence and against public health.

At the beginning of the hearing, the judge asked Gallego if he knew the facts and crimes for which he was being prosecuted.

"Yes, but I will not speak, I prefer to remain silent," said the defendant in a very brief appearance and in which neither party asked any questions, to verify that he had no intention of speaking, the sources added.

The procedure is already in the hands of the Audiencia de Madrid that has transferred to the Prosecutor's Office and the accusations so that they prepare their accusation briefs for the trial. Subsequently, it will be the defense's turn to present its brief before the Chamber.

Pedro Luis Gallego was sentenced to 273 years in prison for the murder of Leticia Lebrato, 17, in Valladolid, and Marta Obregón, 19, in Burgos, and eighteen sexual assaults.

He was released in November 2013 in application of the end of the Parot doctrine but in June 2017 he was arrested again for two sexual assaults in Madrid, on February 19 and April 14, 2017, and for having tried to do so. same without success with two other women.

The defendant is in provisional prison in the prison of Navalcarnero since June 2017, when he was arrested for these four sexual assaults, and where just a year ago tried unsuccessfully to commit suicide.


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