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The 'rapist of Martorell' recognizes that he kidnapped, assaulted and tried to kill a woman on a permit | Society

The 'rapist of Martorell' recognizes that he kidnapped, assaulted and tried to kill a woman on a permit | Society

The recidivist rapist Tomás Pardo, popularly known as the rapist Martorell, has recognized this Wednesday before the Audiencia de Barcelona that in 2016 he violated and attempted to kill a woman in the Barcelona town of Castellbisbal (Barcelona), while he was on prison leave. Said permission was granted while I was serving a conviction of 26 years in prison for a similar attack in 2002.

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The trial against Pardo has been held in the seventh section of the Audiencia de Barcelona and behind closed doors, at the request of the victim, to "protect their privacy", as the court has argued in a car. The Office of the Prosecutor requests 70 years in prison for the defendant for rape and attempted murder in 2016. His case reopened the debate on the rehabilitation of sex offenders in prison.

Brown He was arrested on October 31, 2016, after the victim managed to send an emergency call. In his statement before the court, the defendant admitted to having perpetrated the kidnapping, rape and attempted murder of the accused during the last of the three days of the permit granted by the Generalitat. Pardo could benefit from mitigation for having acknowledged the facts, but at the end of the trial, the Prosecutor's Office has maintained its initial 70-year prison sentence and the payment of compensation of 70,000 euros to the victim for the crime of illegal detention, sexual assault, attempted murder and robbery with intimidation. The defendant's attorney, Gemma Morera, has stated that her client has acknowledged the facts because "she is sorry."

The victim's lawyer, Mariano Martín, explained that they have been "led to initiate a contentious administrative process to claim civil liability to the Ministry of Interior and Justice of the Generalitat" for the permission granted to the repeat offender. The Department of Justice argues that it granted permission to Pardo to successfully overcome the rehabilitation treatment for sex offenders who remained in prison and because none of his previous authorized departures were problematic.

However, on 13 occasions the prison supervision court denied him permission to leave prison until, finally, the Audiencia de Barcelona confirmed the decision of the Generalitat to release him. For that reason, the private prosecution is requesting 1.1 million euros from the defendant as a direct civilian, although he has announced that if he does not pay the payment, that amount will be required from the Generalitat. The private accusation also calls for 70 years in prison for Pardo for the same four crimes, with the aggravating circumstance of recidivism, acting for reasons of gender and taking advantage of a place and time that weakened the defense of the victim.

According to the defendant, the attack of 2016 was perpetrated by brandishing a knife before the victim and forcing her to drive for 53 kilometers until she reached a wooded area of ​​Castellbisbal. There he repeatedly raped her and forced her to give her the keys to her car and provide her with the PIN number of her bank card, with which her nephew extracted 1,000 euros. Later, the defendant took the woman to a ravine next to the Torrent Bo, where after stabbing her seven times, in order to end her life, she threw her into the void from a height of five meters and covered her with branches and ground to prevent his corpse from being found.

The first victim speaks: "Patriarchal justice mistreats women in trials"

On the left, Montse, the first woman that Tomás Pardo attacked giving him a beating in 2002, before the TSJC.
On the left, Montse, the first woman that Tomás Pardo attacked giving him a beating in 2002, before the TSJC. Europa Press

Montse, the first woman to whom the rapist of Martorell attacked giving him a beating in 2002, criticized this Wednesday before the headquarters of the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) and the Audiencia of Barcelona that "patriarchal justice mistreats women in trials." He has said this in statements to the media after the trial began.

"Justice is guilty of what has happened, justice and the prison system have allowed it to go out again and to attack again," his first victim lamented on Wednesday, accompanied by a rally of some 30 people. He added that he should not have received a prison permit because "he is a violent rapist who will do it again".

He has also criticized that Pardo had requested 13 prison permits that were denied but that he could finally leave "under pressure from the Provincial Court and pressure from Justice." "If there is not enough space in prisons, look for other ways," he said. "The last victim is destroyed, almost killed, with Lucia, which was the second, was terrible, luckily I did not get into the car and could not rape me but almost killed me with a beating," he recalled.


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