September 25, 2020

The Rapa Nui leads the Pasito Blanco Fishing Contest in a day without blue marlins and with seven catches of tuna – La Provincia

The Majorera boat Rapa Nui leads the Pasito Blanco Deep Sea Fishing Contest, by managing to catch two tunas on the first day of competition, one weighing 110.2 kilos and the other weighing 83.4, while the desired blue marlins did not appear at any time of the day, which encourages the fleet to be fully employed this Saturday, the last day of competition.

At 09:15 in the morning, the 19 participating boats put to sea in the South of Gran Canaria, with the purpose of carrying a catch of blue marlins to their stern, an award that is awarded with 400 points in the tournament. But the precious blue weevil was not sighted by any vessel in the almost eight hours of the contest, possibly because the conditions of the day were not the best for fishing, which caused the crews to be busy with the bites of tuna, a total of seven effective in the day, which added as many points as kilos reflected the weight installed in the Port of Pasito Blanco.

With this arithmetic, the Rapa Nui managed to board two tunas, which added up in weight reflected 193.6 points in the classification table, which places the Fuerteventura boat, commanded by Iván Ramírez, in the number one position of the provisional podium, followed by Enola Primero, which achieved a catch of 96.6 kilos and the same number of points, while Fish On reserves, for the moment, third place in the classification, with a 91.6 kilos tuna.

Similarly, Randy Das’s vessel, the Cal Rey, obtained a tuna weighing 83.4 kilos, compared to the one shipped by José Marrero’s Blue Marlin 3, which weighed 79.80 kilos. The Opa Locka was unlucky and was unable to materialize two tuna bites, as did the Cavalier Uno, which lost its piece.

For the day of this Saturday, the options of the fleet are intact, since whoever manages to fight a blue marlin will automatically rise to the first position with the 400 immediate registration points.

In its 31st edition, the type of fishing in the contest, true to custom, is trolling, using artificial samples or live or dead baits mounted exclusively on circle hooks. The pieces are captured, marked and released, strictly following the IGFA rules.

It should be remembered that the Pasito Blanco contests were pioneers in the prohibition of taking the Blue Marlins out of the water, even before the regulations required it, because the philosophy was always that the catch remained alive in the sea.

At the moment, the Memorial Alfonso award See, which will deliver a Rolex watch, donated by Saphir Jewelry, to that vessel that wins two consecutive or three alternate years, is closely watched by the boat Opa Locka, winner of last year and that if it were to win first place this Saturday, it would win such an outstanding award.


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