June 16, 2021

The ranking of the best scientists in Spain includes 18 researchers from the ULPGC

The 2021 Ranking of the Best Resident Scientists in Spain according to their h index, includes 18 researchers of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC). The h index, which measures the number of citations that scientific articles have received, has become one of the most widely used bibliometric indicators to estimate the success of the work carried out by a researcher and to predict the impact of its production in the future.

The ranking is prepared by the Group for the Dissemination of the h Index (DIH), with the data provided by ISI Web of Knowledge and analyzes 10 major areas: Agriculture, Biology, Materials Sciences, Health Sciences, Earth Sciences, Physics, Informatics, Engineering, Mathematics and Chemistry, and each of these areas differentiated into subareas.

The ranking has 3,964 outstanding researchers throughout Spain, of which 449 are women, with an average h-index value of 43. The ULPGC has outstanding scientists in Agriculture, Biology, Health Sciences, Earth Sciences , Computer Science and Engineering, that is, in 6 of the 10 areas.

In the area of ​​Agriculture, the Food and Animal Science subarea, there are researchers Anastasio Argüello Henríquez, with 119 publications and index h 24; and Noemí Castro Navarro, with 103 publications and index h 23. Both scientists are from the University Institute of Animal Health and Food Safety (IUSA).

Marisol Izquierdo and José Antonio Calbet head their ranking subarea, that of Fisheries and that of Physiology-Sports Sciences, respectively

In Biology, Fisheries subarea, Marisol left López stands out, with 224 publications and an h 52 index; followed by Daniel Montero Vitores, with 105 publications and index h 36; and Lidia Esther Robaina, 70 publications and index h 32. The three are researchers from the EcoAqua University Institute.

In Health, the Nutrition and Dietetics subarea, the current rector of the ULPGC appears Lluís Serra Majem, with 1,987 publications and an index h 69, and Almudena Sánchez Villegas, with 139 publications and an index h 44. In the area of ​​Health, subarea Physiology- Sports Sciences, highlights José A. López Calbet, with 272 publications and h 59 index, which also repeats in Health, Sports Sciences subarea, with 273 publications and an index h 59. The three scientists in the Health area belong to the University Institute of Biomedical and Health Research (IUIBS).

In Earth Sciences, Geoscience subarea, highlights Juan Carlos Carracedo, with 68 publications and index h 31, researcher at the University Institute of Environmental Studies and Natural Resources iUNAT.

The rector of the ULPGC Lluís Serra Majem reaches the highest h index, 69, followed by José A. López Calbet with h 59 and left Marisol with h 52

In Earth Sciences, Oceanography subarea, they lead the ranking by the ULPGC Javier Arístegui Ruiz, with 139 publications and index h 40; Melchor González Dávila, with 106 publications and index h 33; Santiago Hernández León, with 104 publications and index h 32; Juana Magdalena Santana Casiano, with 97 publications and index h 31; and Alonso Hernández Guerra, with 68 publications and index h 28. All researchers in this subarea are members of the Institute of Oceanography and Global Change (Iocag)

In Computer Science, the Computer Science subarea, there are Rafael Montenegro Armas, 39 publications and an index h 14; José Maria Escobar Sánchez, 29 publications and index h 13; and Gustavo Montero García, 34 publications and index h 13. All are members of the University Institute of Intelligent Systems and Numerical Applications in Engineering (SIANI).

In Engineering, sub-area of ​​Thermodynamics, Juan Ortega Saavedra stands out, with 162 publications and an index h 27.

It is noteworthy that two researchers from the ULPGC head their ranking subarea, Marisol Izquierdo heads that of Fisheries and José Antonio Calbet that of Physiology-Sports Sciences; In the case of Oceanography, the presence of 5 researchers from the ULPGC means that the province of Las Palmas is the sixth in Spain with the highest number of outstanding researchers in the area.

Above the average value of the h-index in Spain, 43 of the most prominent researchers are 4 of the 18 researchers from the ULPGC. The one with the highest h-index is Lluís Serra Majem with h 69, followed by José A. López Calbet with h 59 and left Marisol with h 52.

Comparing with the year 2015 in which the ULPGC had 12 outstanding researchers from Spain in this ranking, it has increased to 18 in six years.


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