November 28, 2020

The ranchers of bravo ask to be included in the aid for the COVID-19

The cattle ranchers of bravo have been the last to raise their voices due to the “dramatic” situation that they are going through due to the coronavirus pandemic, so much so that the Union of Breeders of Bulls of Lidia (UCTL) has asked the State to take them into account and include in aid for this health crisis.

“The upbringing of bravo is also recognized as Cultural Heritage in Law 18/2013 and, therefore, must be subject to the same consideration and treatment as other cultural activities affected by this exceptional situation,” says the UCTL in a letter. referred to the Ministry of Culture, the Secretary of State for the Economy and support for the company and the Official Credit Institute.

In addition, the fighting bull ranching generates “green employment and a sustainable economy, and contributes” to the fixation of the rural fabric “, especially in those” most depressed “areas of the country ‘, adds the document to which Efe has had access.

For this reason, they request that the sectors affected by the health crisis of COVID-19, approved by the Council of Ministers and announced by the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, also be included within the financing lines.

The cattle ranchers of bravo are one of the bullfighting industry sectors that are suffering the worst from this unprecedented crisis and that has paralyzed the bullfighting season, which for them translates into a significant surplus of bulls in the field, which, not dealt with, it could trigger whole litters at the slaughterhouse.

Not only that, but that stock of bulls must continue to be fed and must continue to receive the necessary veterinary care, an expense that only increases the deficit of a sector drowned also by a regulation that prevents fighting bulls with older than six years.

Javier Núñez, a rancher from La Palmosilla, assures in his Twitter account that the panorama is “devastating” for them.

“To the impossibility of invoicing must be added a considerable reduction in the CAP, feed at all-time highs and, if activity resumes in the summer, there will be an excess supply that will cause bull prices to plummet to levels that are worse than in 2008, as long as we are not forced to reduce the head population drastically. A ruin “, considers the rancher.


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