The Ramn de Carranza could be renamed as Estadio Michael Robinson – La Provincia

The Cádiz City Council is going to articulate a participatory process to decide on the new name of the municipal stadium, currently called New Ramón de Carranza Stadium, “due to the spontaneous proposal” on social networks that asks to name the stadium as recently deceased Michael Robinson.

The change will be adopted by virtue of the Law of Historical Memory and the Cadiz population and Cadism will participate in choosing the new name. The government team of the Cádiz Town Hall has decided to promote the process due to the spontaneous proposal that emerged on social networks and that suggested the change of the current name of the stadium to that of the recently deceased Michael Robinson, an initiative that has sparked debate and has been very well received, to the point that even channels for collecting signatures have been opened to request that the name of the stadium be changed, as reported by the City Council in a note.

“Michael Robinson’s is a possibility that may be on the table when addressing the final decision, like many others who are very significant, although what this government team would like is for the new name to emerge and emerge from the participatory process involving Cadiz and Cadism, “the government team has indicated.

The municipal intention is that citizens participate in the participatory process for choosing the new name of the stadium, that different alternatives are considered and that Cádiz choose the name of the stadium in their city. “It is important that the social agents, the cadism, the Historical Memory Platform and the opposition, “stressed the government team, who advocates that the decision be made” in a transversal and democratic manner. “

“What we are clear about is that the stadium cannot continue to carry a name that violates the Historical Memory Law, and consequently we are going to act, “explained the Government Team, which is already working on outlining the participatory process that will lead to the election of the new name of the municipal stadium.


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