The rains arrive in the Canary Islands this Wednesday

The rains arrive in the Canary Islands this Wednesday.

The spokesperson for the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET), Rubén del Campo, has advanced this Monday that in Canary Islands there will be cloudy intervals on Tuesday, with the possibility of weak rains in the south and interior of the more mountainous islands that, as of Wednesday, will occur mostly in the north of the islands.

Thursday’s day will be marked by the intensification of rains that could be transferred to other areas, and likewise, by the end of the week it does not rule out rains in almost the entire archipelago.

Temperatures will tend to fall in the coming days but will rise next Monday.

In the whole of Spain, the weather will continue unstable in the Balearic Islands and the Mediterranean area of ​​the peninsula, with showers and coastal phenomena until Wednesday, while in the rest of the Peninsula an anticyclonic environment and “cooler” temperatures are expected, commented del Campo .

Squall ‘Blas’

The spokesman explained that the storm ‘Blas’ continued to affect the Mediterranean although the rains were “less abundant.”

Thus, for example, it has left 54 ​​liters per square meter in Lluc, in the north of Mallorca, over the weekend, to which must be added the 285 liters per square meter collected the 4 days before Saturday.

In addition, 475 liters per square meter were collected in Son Torrella, also in the north of Mallorca, in the development of a storm that “has been very long-lasting” and whose impact has been felt between Friday, November 5, until this Monday , day 15, affecting even some parts of the Mediterranean.

For this Monday, the AEMET foresees the persistence of heavy showers, of more than 20 liters per square meter in an hour, and coastal phenomena in the Balearic Islands and the Catalan coast, while on Tuesday more isolated showers are expected in parts of Catalonia, of the Valencian Community and Aragon.

In the rest of the Peninsula, cloudiness and light rains are expected in the extreme north of the peninsula and strong winds in the north of Catalonia and the Balearic Islands with poor sea conditions. Thermometers will tend to drop and early morning frosts are expected in mountain areas, while daytime temperatures will be below 15 degrees Celsius in most of the Peninsula.

For Wednesday and Thursday, showers are expected in the Balearic Islands that will stop on Thursday, and likewise, cloudy skies and some scattered showers in the area of ​​the Strait and areas of the Andalusian Mediterranean and weaker rains in the eastern Cantabrian Sea. In the rest of the Peninsula there will be dry weather, without rain and with the formation of morning fog banks.

Regarding temperatures, Del Campo predicts that the daytime temperatures will not experience great changes or will rise slightly. However, the nights will decrease and the early morning frosts will intensify, which during Thursday will affect mountain areas, part of the northern plateau and moors in the central area.

Likewise, during the day on Friday and at the weekend, a dry environment is expected in most of the national territory, with little cloud cover, morning fog banks and weak rains restricted to parts of the Mediterranean area. Del Campo does not foresee major changes in temperatures that, as of Sunday, will fall, and this decrease will possibly intensify in the first days of the following week.

“If confirmed, we would speak of quite cold weather, although there is still a long way to go and this will have to be confirmed in the coming days,” he has advanced.


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