The rain in Tenerife forces to divert flights and cancel events - La Provincia

The heavy rains in the early morning of this Saturday caused the Plenilunio organization to decide to modify some of the more than one hundred activities that were planned.

However, the bad weather, especially the wind gusts that are being recorded and that are expected this afternoon have forced the organization to cancel the meeting.

In addition, the important waterspout that has fallen on the islands, especially in the western ones, in the early morning and early hours of the morning is generating continuous deviations in the flights with origin and destination at the airports of the Canary Islands.

Early this afternoon there are deviations of flights to Gran Canaria because of the storms in the south of the island.

Another consequence of the storms that are occurring this Saturday in Tenerife occurred in the Ana Bautista pavilion of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, next to the Santos ravine.

The short but intense trickle of water that fell on Saturday morning caused flooding inside the sports facility before the start of the rhythmic gymnastics Canary championship in the sports venue.

There the interior areas and the parquet became flooded. Only the reaction of the mothers and fathers to dry the wet areas quickly prevented the suspension of the championship.


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