The railway service records 2 incidents with delays of up to one hour

The railway service records 2 incidents with delays of up to one hour

The railway connections in Extremadura have registered today, first day of the year, two incidents, both in the Badajoz-Madrid connection, which has caused delays in travel times, Renfe sources have informed EFE.

The first occurred in the Talgo train that left at 08.45 hours from the capital of Palencia, since at the height of Mérida it registered a mechanical breakdown in the locomotive, whose repair involved a delay of 40 minutes in the service.

As a result of this delay, this Talgo has arrived late to Madrid, which has caused, in turn, that this same train, scheduled departure to Extremadura at 15.48 hours, left with twenty minutes delay.

The second incident was recorded this afternoon on the Media Distancia train between Badajoz and Madrid. According to the aforementioned sources, the train has presented a mechanical breakdown on its way through Mérida.

Since this fault could not be solved, the passengers of this train have been transferred to another convoy, with a travel delay of one hour.

This second replacement train in turn has suffered a breakdown in Navalmoral which has meant that passengers were transported to Madrid by bus with an average delay of about two hours.

After knowing these incidents, the platform "Milana Bonita" has written a twitter on its social network in which, ironically, congratulates Extremadura for the new year. "We are still the Hispanics of Spain", wrote this collective.

For its part, the Extremadura platform reported through social networks that "this is unsustainable" on the delay of one of the trains from Badajoz to Madrid, which "after leaving one hour late" broke down in Navalmoral, in the dark and without any explanation. "

From the PP, the deputy spokesman of the Parliamentary Group, Luis Alfonso Hernández Carrón, has complained on twitter that the breakdowns "continue on the train" from Extremadura. "No news in 2019", added in reference to the incidences are maintained over time.


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