The rage and impotence of the civil guard who took Julen out of the well

The rage and impotence of the civil guard who took Julen out of the well

Nicolás Rando, the civil guard who took Julen out of the well in which he stayed for thirteen days, said he felt some "relief" from the finished job, although he was "enraged" by the result: "He was not alive, that's the worst But we have given everything. "

"We have moved land to stop seven planes, we have managed to reach it and we have taken it out," said the agent of the Mountain Rescue and Intervention Group (GREIM) of the Civil Guard in an interview published today by the newspaper "Sur".

Rando, the father of a 4-year-old boy, says that during the time the rescue was extended his son dismissed him every morning with the same question: He recognizes, on the other hand, that he consoles "a little" knowing that the autopsy has determined that Julen died the same day of the fall – Sunday, January 13 – and not waiting for the rescue.

Even though he knew that "he was going to have to do it" because of his condition as mountain rescue expert, when the agent left the boy in the tent, where two forensics people waited, had to go to a place away from the work platform and collapsed .

The civil guard received on January 13 the call of a friend who is a firefighter Provincial Consortium, who told him that a child had fallen by a well of 25 centimeters in diameter Totalán and did not know what to do, so he called to his bosses, who were already on their way, and offered.

Remember the first days of the operation as those of the inventions, "with better or worse result", focused on removing that plug of wet sand detected by the 71-meter depth chambers of the well. He says that the idea was to suck it, but then "the problem arose", because the hose broke and got stuck with the camera inside, A traffic jam that took more than 36 hours to resolve.

After overcoming several setbacks, it was time to descend through the well parallel with the capsule. "There were no shifts down there, it was there until there was no more." Rando confesses that when he went down he felt a strange sensation. "I've gotten myself into narrower and claustrophobic holes, but that … You look up and think: 'If something happens here …".

After about 3.70 meters excavated, a friend of Rando put a camera through the hole they had opened and saw the child. The command of the device gathered civil guards, miners and firemen and asked them to continue working the same, with the same discretion because the family had to be the first to know.

In the next descent, three agents of the GREIM de Álora -Nicolás Rando, among them- and a miner in case they had to keep itching. "It was my turn", he concluded.



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