The Quito Taxi Union confirms the indefinite stoppage of the service

The president of the Taxi Union of Pichincha, Carlos Brunis, confirmed today to Efe that this Friday his union will carry out an indefinite paralysis of activities in Quito, because this Municipality plans to expand the allocation of quotas for this type of service in 13,000 new places .

The pressure measure forced the authorities of the Ecuadorian capital to suspend classes on Friday in the schools and colleges of the city.

The Undersecretariat of Education of the Metropolitan District of Quito reported that, to protect students, it suspends classes throughout the city and in all types of educational establishments in the three days: morning, afternoon and evening.

"The truth is that we did not want to reach these instances but we need to take this action because we have asked the authorities to pronounce themselves and they have not done so," Brunis said.

He said that this mobilization is due to a municipal ordinance that aims to grant 13,000 more taxis, when there are already 16,000 active and the city does not require 29,000 vehicles for this type of transport.

In addition, he said that several cases of corruption within the system of the ordinance on the part of several councilors have been reported, which he did not identify, and said "not knowing what their interests are".

"The halt of taxis will not end until the pertinent authorities pronounce themselves," he added, recalling that last week the transporters approached the National Assembly (Parliament) and the Municipality of Quito with their complaints and did not get answers.

Several taxi drivers have assured that the stoppage also obeys to the disagreement that has generated in that sector the transport service through the mobile applications Uber and Cabify, which they consider illegal because they do not pay taxes or memberships.

For its part, the mayor of Quito, Mauricio Rodas, rejected "sharply" the attitude of taxi drivers and said he will firmly defend the interests of citizens, as well as the maintenance of public order.

In a message on his Twitter account, Rodas recalled that the disturbance of public order and the blocking of roads are conducts sanctioned by the penal code.

"It is argued that the reason for this strike is a possible reform to an ordinance, it is incredible that based on a mere expectation of a topic that has not even begun its discussion is to chaotise the city," remarked Rodas.

The taxi guild of Quito already made a partial and momentary paralysis this morning, which generated strong congestions of vehicles in different areas of the capital.


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