April 16, 2021

The quiniela of the Copa del Rey | sports

The quiniela of the Copa del Rey | sports

Admired Dick Vitale *;

The celebration of the ACB begins. It will be four days of basketball-gourmet. Here I leave my forecasts, inspired by your carefree way of understanding this wonderful game. Someday you should come see us. You would enjoy it very much.

The quiniela of the Copa del Rey


Tenerife On the island they have raised a All Volkswagen Team (very reliable equipment without stars), But Burgos arrived at the island and threw a barrel of ice water to the crystals.

Why should you lose? Because they will have doubts and face the miracle team of the year; A Unicaja with the hot minutes in your favor.

Why can he win? Because Txus Vidorreta is still from Bilbao, and he's more than used to removing frost when he plays.

Unicaja For young. Do you remember the coach who won the league miracle in ACB, the TDK Manresa 1998? Where Luis Casimiro is there is always a All Frank Lloyd-Wright Team. A great architect And he has this Cup on his head.

Why should he win? Because the last minute of the matches is now his. And above all is Jaime Fernández, the man who can do everything.

Why can you lose? Because the first exam of the Cup believe that you can trust the miracles of Jaime, and forget everything else.

The quiniela of the Copa del Rey


Barcelona. They know the one who says that he was a veteran coach skiing a year ago with his family, a sports director came asking for help, and two weeks later they lifted the trophy …

Why should he win? Because Pesic is not Eugenio's joke, and his joystick of coach in this type of scenarios is the most reliable.

Why can he lose? Because they are thinking on Thursday at the end of Sunday (the good run and victory last year gives them a role of favorites), and despise the physical demand that Valencia will raise.

Valencia. The favorite expression of Ponsarnau this year in Europe is; "Another great win!" (another great victory). However, they still have some doubts to translate that exclamation into the ACB language.

Why should you lose? Because the wind of the hours prior to the game is clearly against, and that affects the players.

Why can he win? Why Saint Van Rossom is at your point Key or motor; the leader on which Ponsarnau takes the impulse to repeat his favorite expression.

The quiniela of the Copa del Rey


Baskonia. The Querejeta style was always to design a Marco Polo Team (with the best and most varied passports). The first storm of the year left the rudder in the hands of Perasovic. And it seems that the sails are unfolding again.

Why should he win? Because those who remain standing after the ups and downs and injuries are difficult to shoot down (only conceding 71 points)

Why can he lose? Because Nico Laprovittola did not give ball in Vitoria, and will want to spoil the course with some new trick.

Joventut What will weigh more in its initial disposition; the Cup streak with a single match won in 10 years, or the 6 victories in the last 8 of this ACB?

Why should you lose? Because they are taking little care of the ball (15 losses per game), and the ball is the treasure of the Cup.

Why can he win? Because Duran invents a trick of magic in defense (zonal adjustments?) And the wand of Laprovittola hypnotize rivals in attack.

The quiniela of the Copa del Rey


Real Madrid. The League champion team, European champion, champion of five of the last six editions of this tournament. The team of Pablo Laso, Llull, Felipe, Rudy … Do I need to continue?

Why should he win? Because teams with better templates tend to win. At least on my planet.

Why can he lose? Because this is not football – where there would be no match – but basketball. And in basketball Madrid sometimes loses with Estudiantes.

Students. The team looks like Brizuela, Gentile, one Whittington, but builds his recent victories with the veteran and seriousness of Omar Cook at the controls.

Why should you lose? Because opposite will be one of the three exclusive Rolls-Royce on this side of the pond (Cska and Fenerbahçe are the other two).

Why can he win? Because our former coach Pepu is going to ask Carmena to let him try the mayor's office this weekend; he will paint on his blackboard the Palacio de Goya as part of Madrid Central and will immediately prohibit the circulation of luxury cars over 20 kilometers an hour between nine and eleven o'clock on Friday night.

* Dick Vitale was a basketball coach in the NCAA, and has been the leading commentator on college basketball for ESPN and ABC for more than 3 decades. He has been a member of the Basketball Hall of Fame since 2008.

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