The questions of a media case

The questions of a media case

one. When and how did the little one fall into a well 25 cm in diameter?

As the Julen family told the Civil Guard, around noon on Sunday, January 13, the child got confused while José, the father, threw firewood on the paella fire they were preparing. For her part, Vicky, the mother, spoke on the phone and asked her husband to watch over her. It was the paternal cousin, Adriana
-Who was also with them along with her husband and her daughter the same age as Julen- who watched as the little boy approached the well and fell "straight and with his hands up" in a tiny hole. According to José, they were four or five meters away from him, but none of them reached him. Researchers have taken statements to the four adults present on more than one occasion, since there were contradictory details. The content of the report is under summary secrecy.

two. Was it possible to hear her crying after the fall?

José Roselló says that after the boy fell into the well he heard how he cried. He himself relates that he tried to get him out, that he separated the earth from the mouth of the well and introduced his arms without success inside. His cousin claims that José had his hands destroyed after the rescue attempt. However, yesterday, the Government delegate in Andalusia said it was a free fall of 71 meters and that it hit the ground. A blow that could have caused his instant death. Something that will confirm the autopsy.

3. Why did not parents call in emergencies?

«A child has fallen through a small hole, about 40 centimeters in diameter. A rescue is needed. The mother is crying and screaming ». This was the call that was recorded at the stroke of two in the afternoon to ask for help. But it was not the relatives of Julen who performed it, but a woman who at that time was hiking through the Sierra de Málaga and heard screams and fuss in the area. As stated in the family's statement, the lack of coverage was that which prevented any of those present from contacting Emergencies, together with a state of nerves that prevented them from reaching 112.

Four. How was the plug formed?

This is one of the biggest pitfalls of the case. Few explain how a compact and thick plug could be formed above the child. According to geologists consulted by this newspaper, it is "something very strange", because it had not rained and, besides, the materials of the mountain do not form this type of obstructions. Moreover, they also doubt that it was material from the walls of the well that the minor could have dragged in his fall. During the first hours it was tried to suck with a specialized machine this cluster of sand, but the volume was such that it was only possible to reduce it by a few centimeters. «This option had to be abandoned, as it was feared that if the child was under the plug, with a more powerful suction, it would also drag the child», explains a member of the rescue team who was among the first to arrive in the area. The analysis of the composition of this plug will be key to determine its formation. If it does not coincide with the type of land in the area, it would be an important turning point in the investigation.

5. Why was the well finally not as deep as it was estimated from the first moment?

Initially, he affirmed that said prospecting, elaborated by Antonio Sánchez (the pocero), had 107 meters. However, sources consulted by this newspaper confirm that those who do this type of work do not always drill the depth they promise their clients when they hire them for this job in search of water and stay "several meters above". In his statement to the Civil Guard, Sánchez said that the rubble had been thrown into the hole. The fact that a plug was observed at the height of subway 70 and that the well had (supposedly) 107 meters deep suggested that the small could be in that "hole of life" of more than 30 meters. However, it was confirmed that Julen was trapped between two earth clusters.

6 Was the well sealed?

Starting from the basis that it is an illegal prospecting, since the Junta de Andalucía does not have the request for any permission to do it, the farmer, Antonio Sánchez, says yes, he did it "with some heavy stones" and that when he returned to the area after the incident he discovered that the land had been modified. David, the owner of the farm and husband of the cousin of José, father of Julen, has also given a statement on this matter, since there is a possibility that the stones indicated by Sanchez would have been moved. Still, some stones, according to the law, is not the way to seal a well. Yesterday, after removing the lifeless body of the small Julen, the mouth of the well was closed with a steel plate of 600 kilos.

7 What was the Julen family doing in Totalán that afternoon?

David and Adriana, paternal cousins ​​of the father of the deceased Julen, had recently purchased a piece of land in the sierra with the intention of building a house. The marriage does not reside in El Palo, but they liked the area of ​​the countryside for its tranquility. That Sunday they had invited José, Vicky and Julen to, according to LA ReAZÓN Reme, the grandmother of the child, "make a paellita" before the works began. In fact, the preparation of the land was being finalized to begin the construction and for that reason the previous prospecting had been carried out in the well in which Julen fell, to find out if there was water.

8 Why was it doubted that the child was at the bottom of the well?

Because some experts in geolocation said that it was impossible that under that solid plug there was a person. The difficulty of a two-year-old child fitting into a hole 25 cm in diameter was also considered, but Julen was thin, barely weighing 11 kilos. Later, the discovery of a bag of worms that he was eating in the moments before the fall, as well as the remains of his hair and a bottle made the Civil Guard affirm that the only hypothesis with which he worked was with the presence of the small in the well.


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