The question with which I would be FOOLING the audience

The question with which I would be FOOLING the audience

Peace Padilla could have their hours counted at Mediaset Spain.

The last afternoon that you lived in Save me It has been one of the most conflictive and harsh that is remembered in the entire history of the program. The presenter has been in the spotlight for weeks after a direct controversial that he did on Instagram a few days before giving the Chimes 2021.

Some statements in which the Cadiz claimed that vaccines were uselesssomething that raised a great current of criticism towards the humorist, even receiving sticks by their peers.

It was Belén Esteban who These dangerous statements have made his partner more ugly and the reunion between the two took place yesterday afternoon. What neither of them expected was that they were going to star in one of the most complicated fights in memory. A clash that ended with a serious accusation and with Paz Padilla leaving the set.

However, what really caused a great impact on the audience is what was revealed on the set of the successful Telecinco afternoon program once Padilla left the program.

The great lie of Paz Padilla

When asked about Belén Esteban, the woman from Cádiz assured that the video that he starred in had been cut, that it was out of context and that he had been a victim of haters on social networks.

This explanation, far from convincing Paracuellos, turned her on even more and snapped at the presenter that she did not believe in vaccines. An accusation that caused Paz to leave the set and, at this moment, the big bomb went off.

Amid different comments from colleagues, Kiko Matamoros assured that "Paz does not convince me because I think that the question they ask her about whether she is vaccinated, she does not answer". It is with this phrase that Belén Esteban explodes and charges her classmates for being accomplices in a reality that, according to her, everyone knows and no one dares to say.

"Many here know the truth and are not saying it. If we say it and speak it all, we say it all. It is very strong. They are saying things that are lies and in the end the one that looks bad is Belén Esteban" the collaborator snapped on the verge of tears. "I mount it. Alberto (director of the program) do not throw me that I mount it," he sentenced.

With this statement, everything seems to indicate that the program has confirmed (without saying so) that Paz Padilla is not vaccinated and therefore, this could be the reason for his controversial words.

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