September 19, 2020

The queen, informed of the situation of women with mental health problems

The queen held a videoconference this Thursday with representatives of the Spanish Network of Mental Health Spain in which she was informed of the double stigma and the risks that these people are suffering during confinement due to the state of alarm.

Doña Letizia has spoken with Elena Briongos (President of Castilla y León Mental Health), María Isabel García Peña (coordinator of the State Committee for Mental Health) and Paloma Rubio (linked to the Valencian Community Mental Health Federation).

In the conversation, according to Zarzuela, they have transmitted to the queen that the effects of the pandemic have a different impact on women and men and that this situation implies an increase in inequalities that are increased if you have a mental health problem.

They have explained that the confinement of women with these problems carries risk factors that can lead to worsening.

If it is combined with disinformation and a lack of knowledge about mental health and the different problems that it can entail, this encourages society to discriminate and reject sick people.

This fact has insisted that it has a greater impact on the most vulnerable groups of people such as women.

The queen has been informed that to overcome this double stigma suffered as a woman and with a mental health problem, actions are being carried out based on responsibility and self-care.

They have also informed him that these women are more exposed in the event of suffering gender violence and other forms of violence in their families and have expressed their wish that initiatives that they presented to Mrs. Letizia last July as the so-called Manifesto not be forgotten. of the network.

In it, they made a series of demands regarding the respect of their fundamental rights.

The State Network of Women Mental Health Spain emerged as a platform for women with their own experience in mental health to express their claims and work for them.


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