May 16, 2021

The queen gives “a lesson” of healthy eating in support of coeliacs

The queen has expressed Friday her full support for the Federation of Celiac Associations of Spain (FACE) during the meeting she has had with her representatives, who have assured that Mrs. Letizia has given in that meeting “a lesson in healthy eating.”

The Palacio de la Zarzuela has been the scene of that audience and another with those responsible for Visual TEAF, a national non-profit association formed by families affected by the Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.

At the end of the meeting with FACE, its president, Jon Zabala, thanked the support that the queen has transferred to her goals and assured that she has proven to be a great connoisseur of the gluten-free diet.

“He has given us a lesson in what is healthy eating,” said Zabala, who said he explained how she organizes the menus in Zarzuela and highlighted the importance that Dona Letizia has given to educate young children to eat healthy.

The president of FACE has exposed the main problems faced by celiacs and that affect not only their health, but also their economy because they find it more expensive to afford a healthy and balanced diet without gluten and varied.

The FACE is made up of 15 associations of celiacs and two federations distributed throughout the national geography and comprising more than 21,000 associated families.

Prior to this hearing, the queen received the representatives of the association against Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (TEAF), which looks after the interests of children and young people who suffer problems derived from alcohol intake by their mothers during the pregnancy.

The president of “Visual TEAF”, Mercedes del Valle, said at the end of the meeting that this appointment with the queen serves to give visibility to a problem that has emphasized that it is perfectly avoidable if mothers do not drink alcohol during the gestation period .

Those affected may suffer from memory disorders, learning, behavior, socialization and also organic damage.

He explained to the queen (to whom he thanked his interest and support) that although the fetal alcohol syndrome has been identified for more than forty years, in many cases the diagnosis takes a long time to arrive or does not reach.

Also that, according to studies on this problem, 80 percent of adults without diagnosis or diagnosed with more than 21 years end up going through the judicial system, while if the diagnosis occurs before 8 years the probability is reduced to zero .

For this reason, the intervention of the administrations has been considered peremptory to alleviate the deficiencies that undermine the integral development of the minor and support with the appropriate measures, both technical and economic.

He also stressed that there is no safe amount of alcohol consumption during pregnancy.


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