February 27, 2021

The queen experiences virtual glasses that help cancer patients

The queen experiences virtual glasses that help cancer patients

Queen Letizia visited on Monday the headquarters of the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC) in order to learn about the new projects launched by the association to give support to people affected by this disease, including glasses virtual reality that she has tried.

The queen, who is president of honor of the AECC, has toured the facilities of the "Active Space Against Cancer", which the entity premiered a year ago at its headquarters in Madrid and in Barcelona.

They offer various free social, psychological, physical, educational and leisure support services so that patients cope better with the disease while receiving treatment.

"It is a space with which we want everyone to see cancer with different eyes, it is about improving the quality of life of patients in everything that the clinical part does not do", explained Teresa González, responsible for External Relations of the AECC.

After having a working meeting with the board of the association, Ms. Letizia has toured the different rooms where the projects are developed, of which around 4,000 people have benefited since it was put into operation.

Among them, there is an experimental character consisting of virtual reality glasses that are provided to patients while receiving chemotherapy in order to relieve them of tension.

Two volunteers from the association have explained to the queen the use of glasses, and then she has put them on to see the experience first-hand, in which they can see travel images of nature scenes.

"More than half of patients with chemo have anxiety pictures and when using glasses, levels of anxiety are reduced and time passes more quickly," explained the head of Communication at AECC, Isabel Martínez Noriega.

The queen has also been chatting with attendees at one of the online workshops to try to alleviate the attention and concentration problems they usually suffer in the treatment phase.

Mrs. Letizia has started the journey in social and psychological care rooms, which can be in person, but also by video consultation for those who have difficulties moving to the headquarters.

It is estimated that between 25 and 30 percent of those diagnosed with cancer need this type of support due to problems of depression, family communication or emotional pain.

The queen has also known the gym in which patients perform oncological physical exercise to verify that it has a positive impact on the response to the disease.

During the visit and in the work meeting, Mrs. Letizia was accompanied by the president of the AECC, Ignacio Muñoz Pidal, and the person in charge in Madrid, Laura Ruiz de Galarreta.

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