The quarry demonstrate its potential in the Mini Marat - La Provincia

The quarry demonstrate its potential in the Mini Marat - La Provincia

The organizers of the Cajasiete Gran Canaria Marathon have pampered every last detail of the tenth edition, involving all athletes regardless of age. This Saturday it was the turn of the little ones with the La Islaña Mini Marathon.

The Mini Isle Marathon Trophy is the perfect showcase in which the 1,575 promises of the Canarian athletics have lived a fun and healthy encounter. Athletes from 6 to 17 years old They have proven their worth and strived to obtain a position among the top three, who were entitled to stand on the podium in their respective categories.

The first ones that came out to compete were the prebenjamines, 75 girls of 7 years, who ran a distance of 400 meters. Carola Fernández won Fatima Azilal and Ainara Iglesias; while Borja Acosta beat Óscar Louis Martínez and Abdessalam El Yaalaqui in a race that took the exit 98 children.

Then it was the turn of the Benjamins, 9 years. 181 girls participated in a race that resolved the podium by just three seconds. Nira Morales Quintana won the final stretch to Florencia Santana Raab and Leonor Celano. While something less competed was the struggle that had the 199 children who took the exit. Miguel Lopez Estupiñán defeated his training partner Diego López and runner Pablo Dopico.

The fry, 11 years, were the next to enter the scene. 180 girls played a one kilometer competition in which the CD UAVA copied the podium. Maica Lozano Ramos was the first to enter the finish line, followed very closely by María Tatiana Suárez and Carolina Aleman. 149 boys participated in a struggle in which Jorge Álvarez Bocea demonstrated his enormous potential. Adrián Hernández García and Iván Gutiérrez Herrera could barely keep up.

The large audience was encouraged over the course of the morning. Inka Peltola was the winner before the generalized applause and in an agonizing finale of Andrea Monroy Sosa went ahead to Martha López Pérez in a race that competed 186 girls of 13 years; while 157 boys took the start in a competition won by Arturo Martínez Sánchez, followed by Saúl Nolasco Del Pino and Deriman Santos Santana.

The cadets, aged 15, were the penultimate to compete, 120 girls and 118 children had to be used thoroughly for one kilometer and six hundred meters. Daniela Betancor Artíles was the first, completing the podium Alba Muños Henríquez and Davinia Ojeda Medina; while Isak Skogen beat Gabriel Suárez González and Daniel Pérez Hernández.

The same distance had to travel the juveniles. 73 girls took the start in a competition that won Leyre Martínez Velayos over Berta Mendoza Guerra and Carla Sintes Tejedor. In the men's category, 39 guys from those who won Brais Santana participated, while the second classified was Jorge Diez and Alejandro Luján finished third.

One more edition, and already ten, the Pasta Party was held, the traditional pasta-based lunch sponsored by La Isleña. The approximately 1,575 participants and their respective families replenished their strength in a peaceful environment.


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