February 25, 2021

The quarantine in British hotels will begin on February 15

London, Feb 5 (EFE) .- The British who arrive in the United Kingdom from countries with high levels of the new strains of the coronavirus will have to quarantine in hotels as of February 15, authorities confirmed this Friday.

The measure, which had already been advanced last January, will force travelers to stay ten days in hotels designated by the Government, near airports, the Executive reported.

The aim is to prevent the spread in the UK of the South African and Brazilian strains of the coronavirus, which scientists believe are more infectious and may reduce the effectiveness of vaccines.

The British Ministry of Health indicated this Friday that it has held talks with the air, maritime sector and hotel owners to implement this plan, which affects British, residents in the United Kingdom and Irish nationals.

The government expects more than 1,000 UK residents to come to the country every day from places – included on a “red list” – where new variants of the coronavirus are widespread.

The “red” list is made up of 33 countries – South Africa, Portugal, the United Arab Emirates and countries in South America – where there is a prevalence of the strains.

Foreign travelers from these territories, however, cannot enter the UK and are therefore not affected by this hotel quarantine measure.

It is estimated that the cost for each hotel night will be around 80 pounds (88 euros / 107 dollars).

Travelers will be obliged to stay in a designated hotel and will have to bear the expenses of accommodation, while there will be security personnel to control that none of these people leave the establishments.

Details on how passengers should reserve their room will be released by the government next week.

The United Kingdom yesterday registered 20,632 new cases of coronavirus and another 915 deaths.


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