April 15, 2021

The purchase of tickets for shows, an increasingly digital market

The purchase of tickets for shows, an increasingly digital market


E-commerce is firmly established in Spain, to such an extent that 7 out of 10 Internet users already buy online, according to IAB data. In total, about 19.4 million Spaniards between 16 and 65 years old. Even so, there are categories that succeed more than others. This is the case of the entries of artistic, sports and recreational shows that in four years has gone from billing 768 million euros to 1.412 million, according to the analysis carried out by Telecoming, a company specialized in Direct Carrier Billing ( buy loading the expenses to the invoice of the carrier company of the mobile). In addition, it foresees that in 2019 the turnover reaches up to 1,663 million euros.

Specifically, 68% of those who bought online in 2018 acquired at least one ticket for an artistic, sports and recreational show. Some positive data that are still surrounded by the controversy of their prices. According to the data of the INE, the entries in its totality were in 2018 0.3% more expensive than the previous year (which also recorded a 0.7% rise), despite the fact that in July 2017 the cultural VAT reduction from 21 to 10% came into effect. The objective of this tax reduction was not other than to lower the prices of these tickets, but for the moment it has not fulfilled its purpose. Of course, in the case of concerts, cinemas and theaters, prices in 2018 fell by 0.6%.

For its prices it was not surprising that the influx of popular music concerts fell from 2008 to 2017 by 25% in Spain, although the collection grew by 60%. For Telecoming, this industry will reach a turnover of 373 million euros in 2018, a growth of 13%.

The purchase by mobile grows

Among the devices used to buy, the computer remains the favorite choice of consumers, with 87%. But little by little the mobile phone is gaining more share and already 45% of customers have purchased through this device in 2018, according to IAB. In this sense, one of the options that is gaining weight is the purchase through the Direct Carrier Billing, with which you can buy both digital content, tickets and even tickets for transportation and parking. The arrival of the new mobile payments directive (PSD2) has made it possible to increase mobile payment options.

Thus, according to Telecoming, the Direct Carrier Billing turnover in 2018 was 256 million euros. Roberto Monge, COO of Telecoming "digital content is the main driver of direct carrier billing revenues. However, sectors such as online ticketing are presented with a great potential for growth in the coming months. It is a sector in which the DCB is a real alternative among users who seek simple, fast and secure solutions to buy their tickets, through mobile.


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