April 14, 2021

The pulse for rents moves the PSOE away from the investiture block



United We Can (UP) warned yesterday to PSOE that the intervention of rent prices is not only a pact of the coalition, but a «commitment»With the investiture partners of Pedro Sanchez and of the Budgets. “The disturbing postponement” of the law, as the deputy of UP Gerardo Pisarello, raises the tension between these groups and the socialists. And this is not only said by Podemos, it is also raised by other parliamentary sources in the corridors of Congress.

UP, ERC, Bildu, JpC, CUP, More Country, You compromise, BNG Y New Canary Islands they met a few days ago with groups and associations and signed a joint manifesto to promote a law that limits the rental prices, prohibit the evictions of vulnerable people without a housing alternative, guarantee basic supplies and expand the public park of social rent, among other measures. An ordeal of 64 vital seats for the PSOE because the success of a large part of their initiatives depends on them.

“The real estate party”

This is one of the reasons why UP is confident that there will be an agreement. Why a law without those claims would not be supported by the majority of the Camera. Although Pisarello regretted that the Socialists bow to the “many pressures” of investment funds. Or, at least, condition them in the negotiation. “This is the case in Spain of the ‘financial real estate party’, the great real estate employers, who put pressure and pressure a lot,” ironized the first secretary of the Board and UP deputy. The economic vice president, Nadia calviño, refused on Monday to intervene in the market and opted to increase the public housing stock. That same day he replied Ione Belarra, spokesperson for the Podemos negotiating team that works on housing law with the Ministry of Transport, and yesterday Pisarello did it again. “Minister Calviño insists that the basic solution is to have a public park and we say yes, but that takes time and it takes ‘a while,'” he said. “The only solution is to regulate the abusive rise in rents,” he added.

In addition to social groups and street demonstrations, Pisarello tried to add more pressure to the PSOE by citing that the Social Democratic Party of Germany and the French Socialist Party have already called for the limitation of rental prices. “The refusal of the PSOE would not be understood even from the point of view of political affinities because it is a measure of common sense in Europe,” he said.

Asked about these statements, the general secretary of the socialist parliamentary group, Rafael Simancas placeholder image, defended the guarantees of the coalition pact and was convinced that an agreement will be reached with the purple partners. “We maintain that commitment, not 80%, not 90, not 100, we maintain it at 373%, which is the increase in the housing budget for 2021,” he said. However, in the face of pressure from the second vice presidencyHe explained that the important thing is that the housing law has “legal certainty” and that “requires analysis, study and a little time.”

The Government yesterday approved the document of General Guidelines for the Sustainable Development Strategy (EDS) of Vice President Pablo Iglesias and for the third time he promised to intervene in the rental market and comply with the Government agreement, according to government sources. The Government Spokesperson, Maria Jesus Montero, defended that the new EDS “It incorporates a large part of the measures associated with government challenges.”

The Executive states that the objectives are shared in terms of stopping the rent increases and that “the debate is not about fulfilling the mandate but about the instruments that allow the reductions to be made visible in a more effective way.” The PSOE insists on the idea of ​​approving a project in the coming weeks, although, the spokesperson clarified, the scenario is “radically different” after the pandemic because there are usually stressed areas that are now not so influenced by the persistence of tourist floors, which has meant an alteration of the rental market.

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