the Puerta de Sol in Madrid will also celebrate the new year with the Canary hour

the Puerta de Sol in Madrid will also celebrate the new year with the Canary hour

The bells of this year from the Puerta del Sol in Madrid will be, for the first time in history, also in the Canary hour. The clock will be delayed one hour to adjust to the time zone of the Islands, a countdown that will be retransmitted throughout Spain in the main television channels.

This initiative is part of a tourism campaign of the Government of the Canary Islands to reach the peninsular market, after a rebound of 5% in the decline of national visitors who had registered the archipelago in the last decade, when it came to lose almost one million national visitors

In fact, it is also planned to project images of the campaign -which carries as an emblem 'One hour less is more'- and of the city of Madrid on the facade of the Casa de Correos building of the Puerta de Sol during the 56 minutes they will separate the bells, since the change in the mechanism will take more than four minutes.

The 'double bell' has also had its institutional reflection. The Canarian president, Fernando Clavijo, and that of the Community of Madrid, Angel Garrido, have supervised this Sunday the preparations of the clock of the Puerta del Sol. In an appearance before the media, accompanied by watchmaker Jesús López Terradas, Clavijo has shown convinced that "the zero kilometer will turn this magical night into a Canary Island embassy". For its part, the Madrid president has considered that the act on Monday also symbolizes "understanding and concord" that "should be the usual."

For his part, and in statements to the media after the appearances of the regional presidents, watchmaker Jesús López Terradas explained how the time will change: "At twelve-fifteen we delay the clock at eleven-fifteen, we wait again that it is twelve o'clock and again the same, the ball will fall and the rooms will sound, and in that interval the sound is also changed because if not instead of twelve, it would give the one ".


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