August 7, 2020

The Public Library projects the film 'Johnny English again in action' – La Provincia

The State Public Library today shows at 5:00 pm in the auditorium, the film Johnny English again in action, with free admission until full capacity is reached and within the cycle Tuesday movie theater of this month of August.

The film, of 2018 and British nationality, is directed directed by David Kerr. A week before the first G12 summit to which the British Prime Minister will attend, MI7 suffers a cyber attack. With the identity of all British secret agents exposed, the only solution is to go to an exaggerator: that will be Johnny English. This is the erroneous delivery of the adventures of the inept British Intelligence Service agent Johnny English, who brings the life back to life. actor and humorist Rowan Atkinson, known worldwide for his Mr. Bean character.

On this occasion, the peculiar spy must try to capture the person responsible for a cyber attack that has exposed the identity of the British secret agents. Once again, English will become the country's only hopeless hope, which the hacker must find. But since his skills are quite limited, English will have to work to overcome the technological challenges of the modern era.

David Kerr directs this third film in the saga of action comedies, in which Rowan Atkinson – who has starred in series such as Maigret or The black viper– shares prominence with Emma Thompson, Ben Miller, Olga Kurylenko and Jake Lacy.


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