The public enjoys an ARCO with fewer people and more tranquility

Several people the works exhibited at ARCO.

Several people the works exhibited at ARCO.

The new normal has come to BOW. The first day for the general public has brought the bustle to the fair, but much more content than in its previous editions. With the capacity reduced by half, the gallery owners and the public have thanked and enjoyed this Saturday a smaller fair and for some, better.

Children running through the corridors, families and young people have come to ARCO today to meet the latest proposals from the art market and, of course, the “selfies” have returned together with the most flattering works the curious who were looking for some controversy, that this year there was not.

The fair celebrates its most atypical edition, that of the pandemic, which has moved from February to July and has dedicated one more day to the professional public.

A year without stress

The ARC of the pandemic It has not had queues, crowds, or blocked corridors. The fair had this edition a capacity reduced by half: only 8,000 people can be at the same time in the pavilions of the fair, to which half of the exhibitors have come this year.

The corridors are wider -of between 5 and 7 meters-, the nooks and crannies of the route have been eliminated and another series of protocols have been imposed due to the health crisis: the air in the pavilions is renewed three times an hour, there are temperature controls at entry and exit and hydroalcoholic gel dispensers have been arranged throughout the fair.

“Better like this, everything looks better, you enjoy more”

Ana Sigler, a young student from Madrid, who usually comes to ARCO every year has not wanted to miss this one either, despite the fact that. He is grateful for the small format and that there are not so many people: “Better like this, everything looks better, it is more enjoyable.”

The gallery owners also appreciate the changes. Accustomed to editions in which they had to save the most delicate works with the arrival of the crowds, the public sessions of today and tomorrow are more relaxed.

Luis Valverde and José Martínez, owners of the Espacio Minimo gallery, one of the most veteran of the fair, were happy today with the slow pace that the event has acquired. “We are very happy, we have had time to talk with collectors and that is appreciated,” they explain to Efe.

Several people enjoy the ARCO contemporary art fair. EFE

They have also won new collectors and customers, something that is always expected from a fair but is not always achieved.

Arco on Instagram

What has not been missing this first day of the general public are the “selfies” and photos for social networks. In the absence of controversial work with which to take the photo of rigor, the curious have opted for some of the most striking works or “performance” scattered around the fair.

It has been the case of the marble slab with the motto “I dog alone” by Dagoberto Rodríguez, formerly of the Los Carpinteros duo, who paraphrases the well-known Bad Bunny song in the Sabrina Amrani gallery, or the numerous busts of Jaume Plensa scattered around the fair.

“Guernica Guernikara”, Agustín Ibarrola’s version of Picasso’s mythical work, has also attracted a large number of flashes and the public. Acquired yesterday for 300,000 euros from the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum, it has been surrounded by onlookers who photographed it since early morning hours.

It has also been very crowded spaces that some galleries have put up with popular prices. Juana de Aizpuru, for example, has created a shop with series and small original works by authors such as Miguel Angel Campano.

Catalogs starting at 5 euros and some plates starting at a hundred by Gordillo, Manolo Millares and other consecrated authors for all audiences. His daughter Concha Aizpuru already said it: “He who does not take something from ARCO is because he does not want to.”


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